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A CASE STUDY FOR THE NATIONAL SOCIAL SECURITY AUTHORITY OF ZIMBABWE PRESENTED AT MARRAKECH on 23 May 2006 BY Jonathan Rushwaya Manager Information and Communication Technology Services

2 Introduction Who are we?
Zimbabwe National Social Security Authority (NSSA) Body corporate (parastatal) formed by an Act of parliament in 1989 Tasked to administer Social Security services Started operations in 1994 Operates two occupational schemes (NPS & WCIF) Currently employs 700 staff Has 2.1 million members , employers and pensions in payment Operates from 16 Offices country wide,six of which are networked to Harare head office

3 Introduction –Contd Current environment
Four Core Social Security applications were developed and implemented on a proprietary platform over the period These are Client registration,Billing ,Collections and Benefits Processing Standard packages used for Finance ,Payroll and Statistics Occupational Health Services still running manually No integration between core systems and support systems

4 Introduction-contd Why replace existing systems?
Legacy systems (DEC) no longer supported Current systems could no longer be enhanced to support current and future business needs (eg the new schemes planned) Need to computerise WCIF benefit payment system which is partly manual Integrate front and back office systems Incorporate new technology features (eg internet,document imaging and e-business) Adopt open standards to achieve portability

5 2 The Project Management Process…Tasks undertaken
Setting out the Project scope and objectives Risk profiling (Identifying Critical Success Factors) Set up project structure and communications -

6 The Project Management Process Tasks undertaken….contd
Defining the requirements Setting out tasks and time parameters(project plan) Agreeing remuneration and payment terms (costs) Defining project evaluation mechanisms (quality obligations and warranties) All these resulted in a comprehensive Request for Proposal (RFP) and a Contract Document

7 3.The Project Scope and Objectives
The project covers the implementation of front and back office systems. Project has 3 phases running between

8 Project scope and objectives.. ..contd
Phase one to cover re-development of existing core Social security systems between Phase two to introduce one major new scheme and 6 back office systems by December 2007 . Phase three to implement 2 new schemes and value added office automation and pension network between 2008 and 2010

9 4 Managing Project risk Critical success factors
Comprehensive user requirements Identifying most suitable service providers Availability of funding (Foreign currency) Ability to complete phase one during the life span of existing infrastructure Insisting on project security Tie payment to accepted deliverables Existence of contingency plan

10 5.Defining Requirements (The RFP)
Team to identify and specify requirements set up by the management executive committee Comprised key operatives,supervisors and managers from each of the functional divisions of the business Requirements defined by users in user terms Winning bidder to confirm requirements,re-engineer as necessary, and provide technical solution to requirements based on best practices

11 Defining Requirements..contd
Bidders to provide reference sites and CVs of proposed staff Bidders to provide a comprehensive project plan RFP clearly stated method and evaluation criteria to be used for adjudication purposes RFP forms part of the contract

12 6 Selection of service providers ..Attributes preferred
Must be an experienced expert with proven track record Must provide project security and product warranties Must be committed to open standards Must comprise of at least a local partner committed to a long term relationship with NSSA These attributes were used in the selection and management of consultants.

13 Attributes of service provider….. contd
Must accept payment in local currency Must jointly work with NSSA staff in the entire development cycle Must agree to releasing source code, development tools and materials at end of project Must provide warranties for product and services

14 7 Project Structure and comms
Comprises five teams Steering Committee Customer Team Project Director Team Software Developer Team Hardware Supplier Team Project Organisation Charts depict structure and communications

15 Project Structure

16 Project structure..Contd
Project team members are drawn from each of the parties and the team members work in joint teams The Project director has overall project responsibilities and reports to the Steering Committee For illustration of the composition of joint teams,all the Customer team members are absorbed into the hardware and software teams, while team members from the suppliers join the NSSA data clean up team in order to facilitate skills transfer

17 Project team structure

18 Project team structure..contd
Depicts the functional composition of each of the four teams Team managers communicate at their levels for team management, project monitoring and control Team managers ensure the fusion of team members from each party to facilitate skills transfer Team members are the resources responsible for the actual performance of the project tasks

19 9 Setting out tasks (The plan)
Individual tasks identified by task leader Consolidated into project plan by Project Director Each task has a start, end date and task leader Milestones are identified and dates set for reviews A consolidated resource plan drawn A critical path diagram produced. Project plan forms an appendix to contract.

20 10 Project costs Project costs to be clearly broken down indicating:-
project management development and customisation DBMS and development tools hardware and systems software Data migration Travel and subsistence

21 Project costs…contd Winning bidder to be paid in ZW$
Prices fixed over contract duration unless mutually agreed to alter Changes to be costed separately No hidden costs allowed Payment to be made against deliverables Schedule of costs and deliverables forms part of contract

22 11 Project evaluation and control
Project director has overall responsibility for the project Regular meetings to be held with project team leaders and steering committee to review achievements versus plan Diversions to be identified through change control and immediate remedial action taken Where teams fail to agree,steering committee to intervene,else arbitration RFP,Bidders response and Contract form the basic quality standards

23 Project evaluation…contd
A formal quality plan to form part of the contract Signed User acceptance per deliverable to signify acceptance of product quality Each application to be tested individually and as part of an integrated system Each product to carry a one year warranty at least Adherence to the quality plan

24 12 Managing Consultancy Services
Two main documents used for managing consultants ie RFP and Contract Consultants terms of reference formulated and incorporated into RFP Selection criteria for consultants were formulated and incorporated into RFP Appointment of project manager and accountant

25 Managing Consultancy Services…contd
Agreeing the project plan and remuneration (project plan,schedule of deliverables,quality management and costs appended to the contract) Schedule of meetings and procedures for submission of progress reports and invoices Consultant to furnish performance bond upfront Consultants obligations,performance measurement,communications,copyright , ownership,conflict management and skills transfer clearly spelt out in contract

26 Managing Consultancy Services…contd
Agreeing acceptance criteria for work done Payment to be strictly tied to deliverables Agreeing the method of dispute resolution upfront

27 13 Current status of the project
Largely, targets have been met in confirmation of requirements data clean up and BPR Adjustments on initial requirements due to BPR Delays likely to happen in application development Costs in ZW$ have balooned due inflation and exchange rate movements. Foreign currency issues have arisen Overall project time for phase one may be overshot by up to 2 to 3 months

28 13 Lessons learnt… Project Management
Engage an independent and competent project manager In a Joint Development project,roles and responsibilities of each of the parties to be clearly defined to ensure accountability Delays in decision making will dramatically increase project costs Anticipate diversions to the project plan and formulate mitigation plans upfront Negotiate for a fixed price contract wherever possible Effective communications are a key to success

29 Lessons learnt Managing Consultants
Develop a criteria for the preferred consultant Carefully check and verify all claims made by consultants in terms of qualification and track record Where you have several consultant teams,get an independent consultant to manage them to avoid conflict of interest Endeavor to have all consultants work from the client site.Remote management of consultants is undesirable and may lead to project control issues

30 Lessons learnt Managing Consultants..contd
A clear procedure will have to be developed to manage changes in project plans and deliverables Effective communication and mutual respect for teams will enhance project success It is also important to manage cultural divide where you engage external consultants Agree upfront on mechanisms of dispute resolution

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