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Humanism Printing press Dante & Chaucer Artists

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1 Humanism Printing press Dante & Chaucer Artists
Renaissance Humanism Printing press Dante & Chaucer Artists

2 Humanism New intellectual movement of writers & artists; study of classic Roman & Greek society Petrarch Founder of humanism Stressed the importance of life on earth, not a future in heaven Wanted the educated & wealthy to take active roles in the community

3 Printing press New technology of the Renaissance
Movable type had been invented in China 1455: Johannes Gutenberg used it to print the first book in Europe Gutenberg Bible Within 50 years: over 1,000 printers More books in print, easily accessible Most were religious books Encouraged research & the public’s desire for knowledge Ideas of the Renaissance & Reformation were able to spread because of the printing press

4 Dante & Chaucer With the development of the printing press, scholars pushed for the language of ordinary people (vernacular) 2 most popular works Dante’s Divine Comedy: journey through hell, purgatory, & heaven: written in Italian Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales: about a collection of pilgrims on their way to a holy place in England: written in English

5 Renaissance Man – Leonardo da Vinci
Artist Mona Lisa Last Supper Master at using perspective, realistic images Scientist Observed nature Dissected the human body Engineer, architect Excelled as: scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, painter, sculptor, architect, botanist, musician, writer

6 Da Vinci’s Last Supper

7 Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa

8 Da Vinci Self-Portrait

9 Michelangelo Painter, sculptor, architect Works Painted frescos
Pieta Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel Sculpture of David Painted frescos Focused on the ideal human form as a reflection of divine beauty; more beautiful, the more godlike

10 Michelangelo’s David

11 Sistine Chapel

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