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Hints for answering ELA Literature APMC 45% of test - One hour.

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1 Hints for answering ELA Literature APMC 45% of test - One hour

2 Hint #1 Look for trigger words: but, yet, except ( to avoid misreading) FAN BOYS (coordinating conjunctions) can indicate shifts…SHIFTS HAPPEN!!!!! The majority of the time there will be a SHIFT!!!!!

3 Hint #2 Read for TONE and THEMATIC meaning, always lookout for IRONY. Repeat after me …TONE, THEME, IRONY!!! ( aka Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad!!!) TONE, THEME, IRONY!!!

4 Hint #3 All questions are of equal point value and there are no repeated questions about theme and tone. Skip difficult questions and go back to them. Be aware that the same distracters – the wrong answers – are found in repeated questions. Likewise, you can do the passages in whatever order you choose ----easiest prose first? Pre- 20th century literature before post 20 th century literature?

5 Hint #4 Three types of Questions:  Literal: superficial meaning questions, e.g. syntax, grammar, diction, pronoun/antecedent questions. Over 50% of the questions are literal in nature. This can be the most difficult unless you read accurately.  Literary Technique: analysis of literary device, style, technique, e.g. vocabulary like syllogism, dactyl, synecdoche, or apostrophe.  Understanding of Theme.

6 Hint #5 Read from the beginning of the sentence (when you’re directed to a particular line). If you still can not figure out the answer read the sentence before the line indicated. Also in line specific questions, if you are running out of time on your last APMC passage answer those questions first.

7 Hint #6 Distracters/Answers may be true, but not to the point of the question. Go with the answer choice that has the most evidence to back up the response.

8 Hint #7 Look at the conclusions carefully. Remember SHIFTS HAPPEN anywhere.

9 Hint #8 Use Edgar Allen POE: Process of Elimination. That is, look for wrong aspects of answers and eliminate. You could also view the responses as true/ false to eliminate at a faster pace.

10 Hint #9 Distracters/Answers may be either too inclusive or not inclusive enough. Remember, if an answer is ½ or even ¼, then it is WRONG!!! The best answer may not always be objectively true, but it is the best of the five choices.

11 Hint #10 If you have read the question and can eliminate even one wrong answer, then answer it ---- GUESS!!!

12 Hint #11 Remember SPIT to determine the THEME. (List Subjects, find Proof regarding the subjects from text, Investigate…tell HOW it proves the subject, then compose the THEMATIC STATEMENT(s)!!!) Remember TPCASTT + POV Remember DIDLS Look for irony. Look at title. Look at attitude/tone at the end of the piece…there will be a shift somewhere!!!!

13 Hint #12 Answer questions in the test booklet. After the completion of each passage, transfer the answers onto your document.

14 Hint #13 Distance yourself from the author/speaker/text. The Author is not always the speaker! Be an analytical reader. I know I keep repeating myself but look for IRONY!

15 Hints for answering ELA Literature Essays 55% of test - Two Hours It is all about the HOW!!!!

16 Hint #14 For the essays…Answer the question! No sarcasm or inappropriate commentary…save that for your FACEBOOK! Your essay must address the prompt, but avoid restating the question…instead be thematic and emphasize the HOW!

17 Hint #15 For the essays…make sure your introduction makes a good impression but be concise. Use advanced syntax, precise diction, introduce the title of work, and author.

18 Hint #16 On the essays, you score can be raised by one point because of style. POV, Tone, II Structure, Sentence Variety, Diction, analysis of structure all can raise your score.

19 Hint # 17 Address tone and meaning – implicit in the question is the analysis of theme. From the first sentence of your essay, begin grappling with the meaning.

20 Hint #18 Write neatly…..PRINT! If they cannot read, the score will be affected negatively.

21 Hint #19 On the essay, the CONTENT is more important than organization. Organize chronologically and NAIL the THEME by the conclusion! Analysis of title and addition of quote(s) can push your paper to a higher score as well.

22 Hint #20 Answer the essays in any order you choose. Read the Free Response prompt first, so it can simmer in your mind. Think about what novel would best answer the prompt. Remember it does not have to be one on the list given. Review your novel index cards! Tackle poetry or prose essay. Then write the free response last.

23 Hint #21 To prepare for free response essay, read over of three of your novel index cards. Choose two novels and one drama. Memorize 2-3 thematic based quotations from each. Know those pieces of literature…author, setting, themes, characters, POV, time period, and tone(s).

24 Hint #22 Watch your time. You have forty minutes for each essay! Don’t finish early. Don’t be caught without enough time for your last essay! Bring a watch!

25 Hint #23 As you read the poetry and prose passages, write tone words in the margin….YOU MUST ADDRESS TONE AND MEANING for these essays!!! Use TPCASTT – POV and DIDLS! There will be a SHIFT in at least one of these!!! Anticipate it!

26 Hint #24 Poetry will be the most difficult aspect of the entire test. There will be a sonnet and there will be a soliloquy. Either in the essay section or APMC. Review the three types of sonnets and use correct terms…it is a stanza not a paragraph!!! Post-twentieth century is usually easier to understand than Pre-twentieth century

27 Hint #25 Review Poet Laureate Journals. Review Poetry Blogs. Read the suggested poems from Perrine indicated on your calendar. Do not assume…base interpretation on what is actually written!!!! Remember the flashlight beam analogy…try to be in the direct path of the beam of light. DO NOT ASSUME go solely on the text…paraphrase line by line if it keeps you focused.

28 Hint #26 Strive for 53% or higher on the APMC portion.

29 Hint #27 Write ROCK STAR essays!

30 Hint #28 Relax.

31 Hint #29 You ARE PREPARED.

32 Hint #30 Remember “You’re NOT PERFECT!” That’s O.K. b/c I love my sweet kids anyway!

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