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Clean Air California’s Success -- and Future Challenges.

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1 Clean Air California’s Success -- and Future Challenges









10 A plan to reduce emissions -- lists all the pollution control measures needed to meet air quality goals Developed with all stakeholders Based on technology, emission reductions achievable, and cost effectiveness The SIP


12 Air Programs ARB: Motor Vehicle Fuels and Technology Cleaner Burning Gasoline and Diesel Vehicle Emission Standards Onboard Diagnostics Smoking Vehicle Program Offroad Vehicle/Equipment Emission Standards Consumer Products Regulatory Program Airborne Toxic Control Measures and “Hotspots” Program Districts: Stationary Source Regulations Point Sources - i.e. Refineries, Chemical Plants Area Sources - i.e. Dry Cleaners, Autobody Shops BAR: Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance - Smog Check


14 New Emission Reductions Needed (% Reduction in Attainment Year)

15 1994 Ozone SIP Key Elements Stationary Source Controls Consumer Products Pesticides Mobile Source Controls Enhanced Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Program

16 Mobile Source Reductions on the Horizon SIP Elements Passenger Cars and Trucks Heavy-duty Trucks Off Road Equipment National Transportation Sources (trains, planes, ships) New Measures Motorcycles Pleasure craft Gas Can Spillage

17 Our Personal Contribution to Smog What Can I do? 271 Billion Vehicle Miles Traveled per Year 1249 Tons of Emissions/Day from Vehicle Use 298 Tons VOCs from Consumer Products per day

18 Emissions in PPM Smog Check Advisory Comparison Between Average Vehicles and Gross Polluters 66-67 68-70 71-74 75-80 81-83 84-86 87-92 93+ 1000

19 Challenges for the Future Stay the course! Don’t lose the gains we’ve made - - Personal choices! Part of the challenge and the solution... for Clean Air!

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