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1 How to use the online administration of Personality Dimensions®

2 Welcome! Welcome to the on-line version of Personality Dimensions ® ! This internationally respected tool will enable you to administer the Picture Cards, Dimensions Cards, Traits & Characteristics Quiz and the Introversion / Extraversion Quiz online.

3 FREE Facilitator Account Contact Career/LifeSkills to set up your free Facilitator Account. You will receive an email confirming your registration with your username and temporary password.

4 Facilitator Main Screen

5 Client Group Setup Client Groups must be set up for every workshop Setup and Manage Client Groups

6 Here you create Client Groups. Enter Client Group Name; this can be company name, date, or any title you choose. Choose which Dimensions cards you want your participants to complete. When done, click ‘Add Client Group’

7 Adding Clients Once the Client Group is created you can setup clients / members of the Client Group Choose ‘Setup and Manage Clients’ to add individual clients

8 Setup and Manage Clients Enter your Client information Choose the Client Group from the drop down menu Existing clients will appear here

9 Updating Client Information To modify client information, click ‘Edit’ beside the client name You can check the status of assessments RED not done GREEN done

10 Adding Multiple Clients Choose “Import Clients from Excel” to add from a pre- existing list You must assemble your list before uploading it You can find a prepared template file for download on the Excel upload page.

11 Uploading Your Client List Choose which client Group to apply your list to Apply the client list and send the invitation email automatically You can download a template for Excel here

12 Assembling Your Client List There is no limit to the size of your Excel client list Your Excel file must be in the format displayed You can download the template or construct your own

13 Administering PD Online Once a client is entered into the system, they will automatically receive an email inviting them to complete the assessment

14 Administering PD Online If your clients are accessing the system with a pre-assigned Username and Password, rather than using their email address, you will need to personally deliver their individual login information to your clients

15 Administering PD Online Instructions are on the left Clicking on the large button to the right will begin the assessment Client Welcome Screen This page is seen when clients log in to take the assessment

16 Administering PD Online Clients will complete: Picture Cards Dimensions Cards as chosen by Facilitator Traits & Characteristics Quiz Introversion/Extraversion Quiz After, clients are directed to contact facilitator for results

17 Getting Results When a client has finished their assessment, the facilitator will receive email notification The facilitator is required to notify Career/LifeSkills Resources of which assessments are to be processed and authorize the use of purchased any credits

18 Getting Results Once reports are paid for, they are emailed to facilitator (within 48 hours) You can print off your own PD in Action booklet in colour or black & white

19 Personalized Report sent to Facilitator

20 Complete! Thank you for choosing PD-Online ®

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