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MAT 3724 Applied Analysis Fall 2012

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1 MAT 3724 Applied Analysis Fall 2012

2 Dr. Wai W. Lau Dr. Lau Wai

3 Dr. Wai W. Lau Dr. Lau Wai =

4 Dr. Wai W. Lau Dr. Lau Wai = =

5 Course Web Page Link to this document and other course information

6 Office Hours See course web page By Appointment

7 Prerequisites MAT 3237, 3238 You actually need to know the materials in DVQ and vector calculus.

8 Textbooks 1. Stewart, Calculus, 6th ed. or above 2. Logan, Applied Partial Differential Equations, 2nd ed.

9 Exams 1 Mid-term Exams and a Final Exam.

10 Homework

11 Team Approach You will work in a team of three. Turn in one paper for each team. Team paper need to be typed in MS WORD with proper format.

12 Team Approach You need to state clearly on the front page the percentage of contributions of each team member. This approach is intended for you to have discussions over the HW. Do not take turn to do HW.

13 Homework You are not allowed to discuss your HW with anyone (except your team parnters and the instructor). Discussing or copying homework is considered as an act of academic dishonesty. Your only references are the textbooks and lecture notes. Do not use other references such as books, WIKI, and other web resources.

14 Homework You must show all of your work − a correct answer with no justification will also be worth NO credit. When explanations are called for on the homework, you should respond in complete sentences with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

15 Homework Staple your Homework. Points will be taken off if you fail to do so. Homework is due at the beginning of the class. Absolutely no late homework. Excuses such “the printer is not working” will not be accepted.

16 Homework Homework assignments are graded selectively. All solutions will be posted. If you repeat this class with me to get a better grade, your HW will not be counted. Do not share your solutions with anyone.

17 Team Presentation Each team will do a group presentation. All team members are required to present materials. Each team will email me its preferences on the topic to me by tomorrow noon. Presentation outlines are posted on the course webpage.

18 Quizzes Everyone needs to read the text on the presentation topics. On the day of each presentation, a short quiz will be given to check your reading progress.

19 Reading Assignment You are required to read the textbook before class everyday. I will ask questions during the class period to check your reading progress.

20 Class Participation You are expected to come to class. There are classwork in some class sessions.

21 Class Participation At the end of the quarter, your grades on class participation will be determined by the above activities and other observations by the instructor.

22 Class Participation Please respect your instructor and classmates. Do not talk during the lecture. Disruptive and disturbing behavior will not be tolerated.

23 Class Participation No text messaging, web surfing, email sending,…… Turn off your phone before you enter the classroom***.

24 Class Participation Annoying behaviors will reduce the maximum participation points that you can get.

25 Points Distribution Exam 110/29100 points Final12/03 (4:30-6:30)120 points HomeworkDaily30 points QuizzesOn Group Presentation Days15 points Group PresentationOnce15 points Class ParticipationDaily20 point

26 Final Class Grade 90%A Range 80%B Range 70%C Range 60%D Range Below 60%E

27 Missing Classes You are responsible to catch up all the materials if you miss classes for whatever reasons ( sickness, family issues, family Hawaii vacation, alien abduction etc).

28 Missing Classes The instructor will not "re-teach" the lecture in any form including special appointments.

29 Make-Up Policies If a student has a documented conflict that will prevent him or her from taking an exam at the scheduled time, he/she must arrange IN ADVANCE with the instructor to take the exam early.

30 Make-Up Policies Makeups are NOT AUTOMATIC. Do NOT assume that because you miss an exam that you will get to make it up. A makeup exam must be APPROVED by me. Lying to avoid taking an exam is considered as an act of academic dishonesty.

31 Teams AinsleyHiegelAdamHansonAloraBourbonnie EllenKimLisaGoodhewNathanaelSleight TaraWalkerRachelMurphyKristianRubesh HannahJuddKathrynYancey RobertRendleTaylorElzinga SalvadorEng DengShelbieDavis PaulSchaleEveranChaffee JoshTjelleJameyFrykholm PatrickMaguireRyanSalgado

32 Help!! Talk to me. I am available during office hours and other times.

33 What now? Separate into teams of 3. Talk about presentation topics. Start your HW. You can leave after you finish problem 1.

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