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GAVI Support and the Health Information System

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1 GAVI Support and the Health Information System
Abdallah Bchir GAVI Secretariat Glion-sur-Montreux, 28/09/2006

2 The HIS and current support
GAVI is using the health system information Data: births, mortality, morbidity Purposes: identify needed support, assess eligibility, monitor progress, measure impact Issues: Data availability Data quality

3 The HIS and current support
GAVI is contributing to asses the health information system Tools: DQA Issues: Not coordinated with other programs Results not shared with other Global Partnerships Lessons learnt: a study still to be conducted

4 The HIS and GAVI support
GAVI is contributing to strengthening national health information system By investing in strengthening national health systems information (Health System Strengthening) By requesting a cMYP based on a systematic diagnosis of health system barriers By linking ISS support with a successful DQA By requesting a plan of action to improve EPI surveillance and monitoring system

5 Health Systems Strengthening (HSS)
Basis Principles: Immunization coverage is often constrained by health systems barriers that are not specific to immunization All applications need to justify how HSS will improve and/or sustain immunization coverage

6 M/E in HSS support ? Countries will report on HSS annually in the Annual Progress Report Years 1 - 3: process indicators (to be defined by each country) From year 4: outcome indicators indicators (DTP3, under5 mortality)

7 How should we monitor the HSS ?
Effect on health systems at country level Effect at global level Impact

8 Effect on health system at the country level
Some areas: Coordination/ harmonization Long term sustainability Ownership One set of indicators for all countries ? Core indicators plus additional related to the type of support?

9 M/E the impact Some areas: DTP3 coverage Burden of diseases
Contribution to MDG4 How to assess what could be attributed to HSS? Studies to be conducted : when ?

10 GAVI and the HMN The HMN could provide support
Defining health system performance indicators coordinating global efforts to support HIS Sharing tools disseminating results

11 Thank you

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