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Harmonization of Reporting Requirements Tanzania

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1 Harmonization of Reporting Requirements Tanzania
Emma Msuya Rose Shija

2 Background Tanzania has population of 35mill people (2004 census)
HIV Prevalence is 7% Most of the people are living in rural areas(85%) Has 22 regions,121 districts Ratio doctor: patient is 1:23,000 Ratio nurse: patient 1:6000 Ratio pharmacist: patient 1:50,000

3 Care and Treatment Plan
Tanzania adopted Care and Treatment for People Living with HIV/AIDS as one of its key strategies in the Health Sector response to HIV/AIDS pandemic and developed a Care and Treatment Plan, which was approved by the Government in October 2003. Beginning of the year 2004, National AIDS Control Program developed Operational Plan for financial year 2004/05.

4 Cont… The Operational Plan was shared to the stakeholders who contributed their resources to it. The Plan targets to cover about 400,000 HIV infected Tanzanians on Anti- Retroviral Therapy (ART) by the end of the 5th year of the program (about 20% of the infected population )

5 Treatment sites Beginning May 2004, Ministry of Health drew up a list of 91 sites that would initiate the provision of Anti-retroviral Therapy (ART) to cover 44,000 patients by end of 2005. This was followed by the development of Guidelines, Training materials, Assessment Accreditation Tool and Monitoring and Evaluation framework

6 Funding Sources for ARV (USD)
2003/04 2004/05 2005/06 Govt 2,000,000 3.5,000,000 17,000,000 Canada USG 4.5,000,000 GF Norwegian govt 1.5,000,000 9.8,000,000 1.1,000,000 SIDA 5,000,000 TOTAL 27,400,000 20.5,000,000

7 Cont… Support from PEPFAR contains first and second line drugs
There is also support from different agencies: WB TMAP etc for non ARV and other different activities.

8 Patients on treatment…
The total number of patients who are now on treatment is about 15,304

9 Getting Orders to the Right Place

10 Information from facilities to MSD and MOH
For ordering ARVs hospitals take orders to MSD using R/R forms and MSD will deliver to the hospitals. For reporting, facilities send R/R copies to MOH Facilities will send summary report of patients on different treatment regimens to MOH The whole country uses the same reporting mechanism developed together with partners

11 Cont… Information from reports is compiled and used for:
-assessing consumption pattern -forecasting purposes -trend of drug utilized -number of patients on different regimens -number of new patients enrolled -deaths

12 ARV Form A2 (abbreviated form)


14 Way Forward The government is planning to scale up the provision of across the country. The plan is to enroll and maintain up to 100,000 patients on treatment by the end of the year 2006. The government has therefore identified new 106 sites which, that will initiate ART in the coming financial year.


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