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TODAY’S GOALS Review and reflect on most important concepts from class thus far Plan material and strategies for unit 4 Peer review second draft of Informative.

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1 TODAY’S GOALS Review and reflect on most important concepts from class thus far Plan material and strategies for unit 4 Peer review second draft of Informative Articles

2 CLASS NOTICE Individual conferences will resume on Wednesday These will start in alphabetical order and cover the students that have not as of yet had an individual conference Please make sure your journals are completely up to date by Monday

3 EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITIES Over the next few weeks I will be offering students two chances for extra credit The first opportunity is to get hands on experience in primary research at the university by participating as a research subject and then writing a reflection on the experience Almost any research done by a professor or grad student at the university can qualify for this We will have a speaker come to class today to talk about a linguistics research opportunity The second opportunity is to do a two page analysis of an advanced research paper in your major field. This will be similar to minor essay 1; however, the research paper will be chosen for you For either one of these research opportunities, you can replace a quiz grade (with a 100%) or replace participation grades from two days you were absent (whichever increases your overall grade the most Note: replacing a participation grade does not excuse your absence or allow you to go over the absence maximum

4 SYNTHESIZING ENC1102 MATERIAL Unit 0-ENC1101 Review Rhetorical Appeals- Ethos, Pathos, & Logos Rhetorical Context- Purpose, Audience, & Genre Writing as problem solving Unit 1-Exploratory Narrative Use academic databases and peer reviewed sources Reflective writing to deepen the understanding of an issue Reading with and against the grain to analyze a text Unit 2- Research Proposal Creating research questions APA style Primary research planning Unit 3- Informative Article Visual rhetoric and document design strategies Incorporate primary research results into informative writing

5 MOST IMPORTANT ENC1102 MATERIAL Rhetorical Appeals Ethos Pathos Logos Angle of vision Reading with and against the grain Reflection as experiential learning Concrete experience Reflective observation Abstract conceptualization Active Experimentation

6 MOST IMPORTANT ENC1102 MATERIAL Thesis question factors: Broad/determinate Quantitative/qualitative Primary Research Methods Interviews Observations Surveys Visual rhetoric strategies Analyze immediate impact Deconstruct compositional features Consider intended audience and goals

7 JOURNAL ENTRY 26 Focus: Reflect on Unit 3 and ENC1102 thus far Take a few minutes to remember the content from unit 3 and of our ENC1102 class thus far and the most important materials within. What do you think the most important concepts from unit 3were? What do you think the most important concepts in the class overall have been? How might you use visual rhetoric strategies in your career or major in the future? What did you learn from conducting your primary research? How has this class compared to your other English or research-based classes in college thus far? What techniques or strategies have we learned in class that you think will be most useful to your future major or career goals? If there was one thing you would suggest be removed from this class due to being unnecessary or too difficult, what would it be?

8 UNIT 4 GOALS Learn strategies to effectively address counterarguments and advanced rhetorical techniques Create, strengthen, and clarify original theses Participate in an advanced class debate to gain experience applying rhetorical skills and counterargument strategies

9 GROUP ACTIVITY: UNIT 4 PLANNING In your unit 3 groups Spend a few minutes to share with your group the topics you have used for all three major essays as well as your topics for the debate. 1.Having nearly finished the first three major essay, what is one topic each student could use for their final essay: the classical argument? 2.What are three topics you would like to consider using for our final debate? List the topics as well as how many group members would be interested in arguing for each side (pro/con). 3.Based off of your group discussion, what are two topics you would NOT like to hear about or participate in debating for unit 4?

10 GROUP ACTIVITY: SECOND DRAFT PEER REVIEW Pair up with one other person from your unit 3 group different than your peer review partner from Friday (2 only if someone is missing their informative article) Exchange the second drafts of your informative articles. Read through them carefully, answer the questions below, and share the answers with your peers. 1.What graph, graphic, table, or chart does the writer use to highlight their research results? Does this seem the most effective option based on their research method? Why or why not? 2.How is the writer meeting or failing to meet the visual rhetoric and document design strategies of their publication? 3.How are the body paragraphs of the essay organized? Would you best describe the essay as having an inverted pyramid structure, a regular closed form prose structure, a thesis seeking, or delayed thesis structure? 4.What seems to be the writer’s most convincing point in support of their thesis (or answering their thesis question)? Is this based off of primary or secondary research? 5.If you could offer one suggestion for revision of the essay thus far, what would it be?

11 HOMEWORK Informative Article: Final Draft Due to by tomorrow 7/14 midnight Should be 1,000+ words and include all of your secondary sources (4+) and all of your research results Pay close attention to the visual rhetoric and document design strategies; these are 30% of the essay’s grade

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