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Welcome 5 th Grade Parents California Trail Middle School Enrollment Night 2015-2016.

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1 Welcome 5 th Grade Parents California Trail Middle School Enrollment Night 2015-2016

2 Mrs. Connie Viebrock Principal Mrs. Karey Ficken Assistant Principal Students A-K Assessments Mr. Doug Hay Assistant Principal Students L-Z Special Education

3 Mrs. Stephanie Beyer Counselor A-K Ms. Sue Sandbothe Counselor L-Z

4 CT Counselors will visit with your 5 th grade students at their schools on the following dates: February 2, 2015 10:00 am – Regency Place 1:30 pm – Pleasant Ridge February 3, 2015 10:00 am – Bentwood 1:30 pm – Heatherstone


6 Each grade level has two full houses. A House consists of four teachers. One from each CORE class. Language Arts Math Science Social Studies Students in a house share these four teachers, which allows teachers to plan activities, testing schedules, etc. for their students. *Note: Being in the same house, does not mean students will have their CORE classes together.

7 1 st Hour7:50-8:40 2 nd Hour8:45-9:35 3 rd Hour9:40-10:30 4 th Hour10:35-11:50 (Lunch is either before or during 4 th hour) 5 th Hour11:55-12:45 6 th Hour12:50-1:40 7 th Hour1:45-2:35 Bulldog Time2:40-3:10

8  Language Arts  Math  Science  Social Studies  PE/Health  Reading When students log in to Online Course Requests, these courses will already be selected for them.

9  Band 6  Choir 6  Orchestra 6  Resource  Guided Study  Art 6  Computer 6  French 6  Spanish 6  Focus on FACS  Intro to Technology 6  Communications Media 6  Theatre 6  Leadership Today 6 Red refers to a course that is offered for a full year or for a semester. All other courses are offered for one quarter of the year. Guided Study enrollment is per teacher recommendation only.


11 5.5 Required +1.5 Elective ______________ 7 Total Credits



14 Step 1: Log in to StudentVUE website Step 2: Click on I am a student

15 Step 3: Locate and click on the Course Requests Tab on the left-hand side menu bar.

16 Step 4: Locate the Change Course Request button When the OCR page opens you will see that all of your REQUIRED COURSES have already been selected for you. You will see a counter at the bottom that keeps track of the number of credits you have selected. You must enroll for only 7.00 total credits. When you are ready to enter your elective choices click on the button that says Click here to change course requests.

17 Step 5: Make your elective selections At the bottom of the screen you will see a series of search boxes. You can search for electives by department (drop-down menu), or you can enter the Course ID found on your Enrollment Worksheet.

18 Perform your search and select Request for your elective choices. Once that is done, you will click on the button at the top of the menu that says Click here to move selected requests to Selected Course Requests. This will save your selection and you will see the credit counter increase. Please note, if you are enrolling for a full year elective, you will need to select both the A & B courses for that class. For Example: Band 7 = PA020A + PA020B

19 Step 6: Make your Alternate selections  When you locate the course you want you will need to select the circle button next to Alternate.  NOTE: Select each alternate in order of preference, so they will be saved in order of preference. We ask that each student choose 3 alternate courses as this will give the computer multiple options should one or more of your elective choices be unavailable. If you change your mind about an elective or alternate choice you can click the Remove button on the left.

20 Step 7: Review course selections and complete enrollment Once you have 7.00 total credits + 3 alternate courses, please review your choices for correctness. Then click on the button that says Click here to return to course request summary.

21 When you return to the Selected Course Requests screen, check to make sure you have no changes to make. Once you are sure you have your requests the way you want, click the button in the top right that says Lock Course Requests. NOTE: Once the Lock Course Requests button is clicked, you will NO LONGER BE ABLE TO MAKE ANY CHANGES TO YOUR SELECTIONS!

22 Any Questions? Please follow Mrs. Beyer and Ms. Sandbothe on Twitter! @CT_Counselors

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