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Imperialism in Africa. World Known by Europeans in 1300’s.

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1 Imperialism in Africa

2 World Known by Europeans in 1300’s

3  Age of Exploration – 1400s-1500s –explorers looked for spices/faster sea route to India –only interested in exploring Africa and trading

4 The Age of European Imperialism In Africa

5 European Motives  Economic (ppl earning a living) –Raw materials –Competiti on btwn nations –New markets

6 European Motives  Political (gov’t/laws) –Nationalism –More colonies = more power  Religious –Spread Christianity and Western values –Used missionaries

7 Berlin Conference (1884)  Europeans divided up Africa  No Africans invited  Boundaries were drawn –Many different ethnic and religious groups forced together (conflicts)

8 How were they able to take over?  Advanced weapons –Maxim Gun (machine gun)  Divide & Conquer strategy

9 Political Effects  Traditional African govt. GONE  Direct Rule: colonial power controlled govt. at every level –France, Portugal, Germany, Belgium  Indirect Rule: left traditional African rulers in place

10 Economic Effects  Traditional African economy based on barter/trade, subsistence farming; SELF- SUFFICIENT  Money Economy –Cash crops grown, not food crops –Under European rule, need cash to buy things –Dependent on Europeans for goods and jobs

11 Cultural Effects  Money Economy –Men left home to make $  Miners, farm workers, build railroads –Villages & families separated –Land now property of individuals not community

12 Cultural Change  Elite: small group of people with high social status –Gave up traditional culture, learned European culture & history –Ability to attend secondary schools in Europe  Acted as a buffer between Europeans and natives

13 Effects  independence after WWII (1960s)  civil wars  unstable/corrupt governments  reliance on cash crops  poverty

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