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PV TRAINING The Window of Opportunity Mark Clemson- Director New World Solar Installations Ltd.

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2 PV TRAINING The Window of Opportunity

3 Mark Clemson- Director New World Solar Installations Ltd

4 In just a single hour the sun transmits more energy to the earths surface than the whole of mankind uses in a year Introduction The Power of the sun

5 About NWS The Window of Opportunity JOBS, JOBS, JOBS, JOBS


7 CAMLEC NWS launched in 2006 Caroline Spelman MP Helps launch NWS

8 In the first 15 companies to be accredited for PV/Solar Thermal & heat pumps under MCS Make an Environmental impact Core business would be Renewable technologies ( not a bolt on) Openness and Integrity say what we do, do what we say High Social and community values Robust integrated local supply chains A Strong, Values Led Company brand Best people installing the best product

9 -95% of Camlec work in the public sector (IE Decent homes) which was due to finish 2010/12 -Opportunity to build a business around the emerging sustainability agenda.

10 -1,000,000 Kw hours of Renewable energy every year -Installations will reduce Carbon Emissions by 350 T per annum -8000 thousand trainee hours for disadvantaged Job seekers --20 Trainee placements -- 23% of workforce employed are disadvantaged job seekers --Midland Environmental Business Consortium- Business of the year -- Birmingham Post top 3 sustainable businesses -- Brand and reputation for integrity Business on Track

11 Projects Summerfield ECO project -Client Birmingham City Council/family Housing/ Urban Living Pathfinder -Largest Retrofit Renewable Energy Project in the UK Awards: National energy efficiency award National Housing Federation- west midlands award Sustainable housing award- Public sector BITC award C02 + Euro Cities award- Stockholm 2009






17 Renewable energy firm New World Solar (NWS) celebrated its 1000th installation by completing a solar PV installation for the Birmingham City Council Birmingham Energy Savers (BES) pilot project at a property in Carlisle Street, Winson Green. The property is one of a number of Family Housing Association houses in the street that have been fitted with photovoltaic's as part of the BES programme. New World Solar cuts the carbon with its 1000th installation



20 Existing Skills Set Investment Increased product portfolio Re Train Staff Morale Skills to meet forward business agenda Up Skill Product Knowledge Solar Logic PV City Guilds Sustainable homes code PV /Solar thermal design Building Control Working at Height MCS accreditation Environmental controls Renewables Skills Set

21 600 Solar Thermal Installation ( Summerfield Eco/Sanctuary Housing/ Sandwell Warmzone



24 Labour Pool Bespoke trades and skills Multi skilled work force -Adaptable and reliable All engineers Part P trained Surveyors Scope solar thermal /H.P System DesignEstimators

25 Green Deal FITs & RHI Offers a window of opportunity

26 The UK is committed to delivering its share of the EU target for up to 20% of energy from renewable sources by 2020. Achieving our targets could provide £100 billion worth of investment opportunities and up to half a million jobs in the renewable energy sector by 2020.




30 PV Training ElectriciansMCSDevelopersSurveyorsArchitectsConsultants

31 Possible Training Peer Groups 18-26 Existing skills Higher education leavers Disadvantage d Job seekers



34 Installers faith Training providers Opportunity The decision makers The quality of training The employer

35 Our reach is limited by our vision. Our vision is limited by our horizons and our horizons are set by our ambitions. New Dawn on the Horizon

36 Telephone: 0121 779 4876

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