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Mohandas K. GANDHI Mohandas K. GANDHI and Indian Independence.

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1 Mohandas K. GANDHI Mohandas K. GANDHI and Indian Independence

2 “Satyagraha” _________Satyagraha Convert the _____________? The MAHATMA: Gandhi’s goals: 1. Equality w/t British Later became Independence from the British 2. Hindu-Muslim unity, thus NO division o/t country into India for Hindus and Pakistan for Muslims 3. End to Untouchability

3 Indian National Congress (INC)INC ? The political party that help lead India to independence. Still a major political party in India today! India gained independence on August 15, 1947

4 Jawaharlal Nehru First Prime Minister of India

5 Muslim League A Muslim political party formed out of fear of a Hindu dominated India.

6 Muhammad Ali JINNAH First leader of Pakistan

7 Civil Disobedience Not obeying an unjust law! Give an example?

8 Amritsar Massacre 379 dead and over 1,500 wounded General _____? How did this event change Gandhi’s goal of equality with the British?

9 SALT MARCH Why so significant?

10 HOMESPUN What are these women doing? And Why? Britain outlawed LOOMING :LOOMING Indian’s now depended upon England for clothing forced to grow cash crops not allowed to grow food crops Thus, over __________________ people starved to death!!

11 India - Pakistan PARTITION Why? Agree/Disagree?

12 ____ ____ Conflict What was the Mass Population TransferMass Population Transfer?

13 Indira Gandhi 2 nd Prime Minister of India Daughter of Nehru Assassinated by her Sikh bodyguardsAssassinated Ask why?

14 Rajiv Gandhi 3 rd Prime Minister of India Son of Indira Gandhi Assassinated by fellow Hindus for his support of the Buddhist led gov’t of Sri Lanka?Assassinated Ask why?

15 The NEHRU ___________? India Today: –Known for: –Outsourcing: IT:

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