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Reviving Healthcare Curing Hungary EU Structural Found Resources.

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1 Reviving Healthcare Curing Hungary EU Structural Found Resources

2 INTRODUCTION 1 New Hungary Development Plan The most important strategic document for Hungary for the 2007-2013 period 22.4bn of development funding in total 15 Operational Programmes (OP) Overall goal to expand labour market participation and promote sustainable economic development

3 INTRODUCTION 2 Key Documents 1. New Hungary Development Plan 2. 15 Operational Programmes 3. Action Plans (every 2 years) 4. Constructions (Tenders and Priority Projects)

4 INTRODUCTION 3 Areas of Development in Healthcare Social Renewal OP 6.1: to improve health and encourage more health-conscious behaviour Social Renewal OP 6.2: to develop human resources Social Infrastructure OP 2.1: to develop the provision of out-patient care Social Infrastructure OP 2.2: to support the restructuring of the provision of in-patient care Social Infrastructure OP 2.3: to develop a healthcare IT system

5 HEALTH POLICY FRAMEWORK New government – new national healthcare strategy Security and partnership in healthcare 2010 Reviving Healthcare – Curing Hungary (Semmelweis treatise) Operational Programmes 2007-13 New Széchenyi Plan (within the framework of the Operational Programmes)

6 DEVELOPMENTS IN SEMMELWEIS PLAN to establish a National Health Organisation Centre and Integrated Regional Health Boards to effect major changes at all existing levels of service (emergency, in-patient and out-patient care) to develop a new integrated healthcare IT system to focus on capacity-based planning to establish new Methodological Centres to prepare new Public Health Action Plan

7 SOURCES OF FUNDING 2011-13 Social Infrastructure Operational Programme: 286m Social Renewal Operational Programme: 138m Regional Operational Programme: 85m But what will this be enough to achieve…?

8 NEW OPPORTUNITIES FOR DEVELOPMENT 1 Social Renewal Operational Programme 1.New elements to improve organisational efficiency by establishing regional co-operation - 44m to expand national screening programmes to launch comprehensive public health- and health promotion campaigns to introduce a national health monitoring system and capacity map

9 NEW OPPORTUNITIES FOR DEVELOPMENT 2 2. Existing elements to provide training and employment support – 3.3m to promote healthy lifestyle programmes – municipal-, regional- and other projects (at school, work etc.) – 3.6m

10 NEW OPPORTUNITIES FOR DEVELOPMENT 3 Social Infrastructure Operational Programme 1. New elements Implementation and development of micro-regional out-patient care centres – goal of the Operational Programme but the interpretation is questionable from the perspective of progressiveness - 1.3m Continuation with content modified according to restructuring – support for small conversion hospitals - 3.7m – support for restructuring of the provision of in-patient care ~16.3m National Healthcare IT system (eHealth) 3.7m available in funding for OP+(SROP6.2.7) – in-house patient identification system – state-certified records and sectoral portal – inter-institutional IT systems

11 NEW OPPORTUNITIES FOR DEVELOPMENT 4 2. Existing elements Development of the Emergency Services –1.5m available in project funding Implementation of a Modern Regional Oncological Network – primarily development of sub-cenrres –2.6m available in project funding Development of blood supply and emergency services as priority projects

12 EXPERIENCE 1 Economic Crisis 2007-10 lack of strategy (sectoral resources) or inadequate strategy (oncology) or varying strategies and conceptions Conclusions: Long preparation time Planning and implementation at the same time Application forms as strategic documents

13 EXPERIENCE 2 Lack of strategic thinking No further resources for development Lack of modern management knowledge Modern project management vs. bureaucratic processes Public procurement - the projects Achilles heel

14 Thank you for your kind attention! Dr. Krisztina Török General Director Institute for Healthcare Quality Improvement and Hospital Engineering

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