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Business Management Bishop Kearney High School Dr. Hays.

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2 Business Management Bishop Kearney High School Dr. Hays

3 Introduction to Management Entrepreneurs manage themselves If there are employees, management plans are necessary What is management? –The process or function of: Planning Organizing Leading controlling

4 The Importance of Management Helps businesses focus –Set and meet goals efficiently and effectively –Develop objectives for organizations Thorough understanding of management Is management the same thing as leadership?

5 Four Functions of Management Planning Organizing Leading Controlling Carried out in the order they appear Challenge is dealing with multiple objectives Communication ensures objectives are met

6 Planning Act or process of creating goals and objectives Involves figuring out the resources needed Determine standards to be met

7 Organizing (and Staffing) Getting resources arranged –Orderly and functional Managers must organize: –People –Work processes –Equipment Also hire and train employees (and fire) Tools for jobs

8 Levels of Management Determine how individuals relate to one another –Organizational chart – charts.htm charts.htm Top-level managers –Sets goals and plans for the future Middle Managers –Responsible for various departments –Organizes and leads others –Carry out plans Operational manager –Daily operations –Supervisors, office managers, crew leaders –Oversee workers and meet deadlines

9 Leading More than just giving orders Provide direction and vision of company –Inspires employees –Set standards –Delegate work –Enforce policies –Oversee time management –Provide feedback –Resolve conflicts

10 Controlling Keep company on track Make sure goals are met What do managers track? –Budgets –Schedules –Quality of products and services –Employees –Customer satisfaction

11 Homework Write a one page paper and answer the question: Why is there more to leading than giving orders?

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