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 The repetition of the initial consonant sounds.

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2  The repetition of the initial consonant sounds


4  A reference to a well-known person, place, event, literary work, or work of art  The most common types of Allusions are  Biblical  Mythical  Shakespearean

5  The repetition of sounds produced by consonants within a sentence or phrase  Example…. He struck a streak of bad luck.


7  "From forth day's path and Titan's fiery wheels".

8  The repetition of vowel sounds


10  A writer’s or speaker’s word choice


12  The descriptive or figurative language used in literature to create word pictures for the reader. These pictures, or images, are created by details of sight, sound, taste, touch, smell, or movement

13  Describing something as though it were something else  Does not use like or as  Example: All the world’s a stage.


15  The rhythmical pattern of a poem determined by the number and types of stresses, or beats in each line


17  Words that imitate sound


19  A nonhuman subject is given human characteristics


21  a thing, word, action, sound etc, that is repeated

22  A regular pattern of rhyming words in a poem.


24  The pattern of beats, or stresses, in spoken or written language

25  Poetry that lacks a regular rhythmical pattern, or meter


27  A figure of speech that makes a direct comparison between two subjects, using either like or as.


29  Anything that stands for or represents something else


31  The writer’s attitude toward his or her subject, characters or audience

32  The feeling created in the reader by a literary work or passage

33  Two seemingly opposite concepts or concrete objects are placed close together, yet still making sense

34  Jumbo-Shrimp

35  Looks like “a paragraph”

36  An extreme exaggeration

37  I am so hungry I could eat a horse!

38  The central message  Is NOT one word like LOVE, HATE, etc.  One should love all living creatures because we are all in this together.


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