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Water Biomes * Freshwater Estuary * Marine.

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1 Water Biomes * Freshwater Estuary * Marine

2 The Freshwater Biome salt
* Freshwater means it does not have _______________ in it * Includes still water and moving water * Examples of still water * Examples of moving water * lakes and ponds * rivers and streams

3 Freshwater Plant Life * Many of the plants that live in freshwater have strong roots to keep them in one place. * Some plants grow around the edge of the lake or float on the top of the water cattail water lily

4 Freshwater Animal Life
carp trout bass bull frog mallards

5 Estuaries * Estuary * border between a freshwater biome and a marine biome * are salt marshes, lagoons, swamps, and mouths of rivers that go into the ocean * are a mixture of freshwater and salt water * some scientists believe estuaries are another biome, other scientists believe estuaries are an ecosystem * not very deep, so sunlight gets to all the water * have many fish and plants

6 Mangroves

7 The Marine Biome ocean different organisms live in each area
* The marine biome is the _________________ biome. * covers about 70% of the Earth * has salt water * Organisms that live in the ocean are able to live in the salt water. * sunlight, water pressure, and water movement affect the organisms too because of these things, the ocean is divided into different areas different organisms live in each area * The water that is very deep has cold temperatures, high pressures, and is very dark

8 Marine Plant Life barnacles coral
Many of the plants live near the top of the water they need the sunlight to help them grow and make food barnacles coral

9 Marine Animal Life Most marine organisms live near the top of the water or close to land Many animals dig down into the sand or hang on to rocks, so they do not get lost in the sea Other larger animals live where the water is deep barracuda star fish clown fish crab flashlight fish green sea turtle killer whale shrimp

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