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Welcome to Reception Together we love life, learning and God.

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1 Welcome to Reception Together we love life, learning and God.

2 Reception Staff RB Mrs Howard Class Teacher RB Early Years Foundation Stage Team Leader Teaching Assistant Miss Frangiamore Miss Edwards Learning Support Assistant

3 Reception Staff RW Mrs Solanki Class Teacher RW Modern Foreign Language Coordinator Mrs Demiragh Teaching Assistant Mrs Fernandes Learning Support Assistant Mrs Symns Learning Support Assistant

4 What is the EYFS? (E (Early Years Foundation Stage) The Development Matters document along with the EYFS creates a national curriculum for children from 0-60 months 7 areas of learning taught through areas of provision and directed activities All areas of learning are reflected inside and outdoors

5 What is EYFS? 7 areas of learning 3 Prime Areas; Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication & Language & Physical Development 4 Specific Areas; Literacy, Numeracy, Understanding of the World & Expressive Arts and Design Children experience a mixture of self initiated and adult focus activities.

6 PSE Personal, Social and Emotional Development Making friends Learning rules Learning daily routines Learning about other cultures and respect Understanding boundaries Making relationships with adults

7 PSE - How can you help? You can help by encouraging your child to use the toilet independently, wash their hands, put on and fasten their coats. Playing games which encourage sharing and turn taking will help your child to build their social skills.

8 Physical Development Fine and gross motor skills Malleable area Mark making area Shoes and coats PE – Monday in kit all day from 28 th Sept Dance Outdoor area visit to adventure playground and trim trail. Pencil control

9 Physical Development – How can you help? Give children time to run, jump, climb and play outdoors Encourage children in activities such as building, drawing, threading beads, or filling and emptying containers in the water – all of which develop manipulative skills.

10 Communication & Language Literacy Phonics- letters & sounds Recognising and writing name Speaking Listening Reading Writing Role play Story of the week

11 How you can help? Reading books (stories, information books, newspapers, magazines, comics etc), encouraging your child to join in and talk about books Singing songs and nursery rhymes Modelling correct letter formation and pencil grip Taking time to listen to them talking about things they’ve done and answering their questions

12 Mathematics Counting Recognising numbers Basic calculation Ordering numbers to 20 Shape Pattern Problem solving Measuring

13 Maths – How can you help? Talk about the shapes you can see in the environment Comparing things which are heavy and light or long and short Pointing out numbers all around Singing counting songs and rhymes Counting, adding and subtracting anything and everything - socks, cars, shopping, cutlery, fingers and toes!

14 Expressive Arts & Design Role play Art Painting Drawing Dance Music Singing Story Imaginative Play

15 Expressive Arts & Design– How can you help? Talk with your child about their imaginative play and join in if possible! Encourage them to be flexible in their thinking and use of materials and praising them for their efforts or ideas as well as the end product- the process is very important!

16 Understanding of the World Exploring Investigating Learning about other cultures, places, things that happened in the past and living things ICT Constructing Educational visits Outdoor area Jobs RE

17 Talk with your child about the places they go and things they see in the world around them Answering and asking questions - what if…? Why do you think…? How did you…? Letting children join in with everyday activities - washing up, cooking, shopping, helping in the garden... If possible, within reason, let them have access to ICT, tablets, mobile phones and computers Understanding of the World – How can you help?

18 General Information School day 8:55-3:30 Electronic registers closing at 9:10am School dinners free to all Please practise knife and fork use If change to packed lunches clearly labelled with name

19 Uniform Reminder Uniform and bags need to be clearly labelled with names please! 30 jumpers all look the same when we are getting changed for PE! Messy play will be available but we will ensure that children wear aprons!

20 First week.. And beyond! Half days until 24 th September Gradual introduction Morning session: 9.00-12.00 With lunch four days until 24 th September session: 9.00-12.45 Full-time/part-time? Games Makers Look@Me observation system Panto/Nativity

21 First week.. And beyond! Observations Key worker system Family photo Parents please share! Show & Tell Jan 2016 Chicks March 2016 Star of the Week Special Helpers Homework Jan 2016 £5 Donation / parking

22 More general information All school information and newsletters will be available on the school website. Buddies with Year 4 You are all welcome to come to the world’s biggest coffee morning on Thursday 24 th September. Bring a cake buy a cake! EYFS celebration assemblies weekly Please take and sign the home- school agreement and share your talents!

23 Tonight Find out who your child’s key person will be Look around Reception Feel free to ask questions! Thank you!

24 Key Worker Mrs Howard Key Worker Miss Frangiamore GabriellaEmily Sophie AAlex Champion TaylorHenry Chloe BristowAlfie Oliver ChampionZara Chloe CrookeOliver Dylan De RienzoLeah IndianaAdele EdwardJacob RubySofia Sophia GAdam BrianChristopher MiaSophie AM JamesSophia Y LilyAndriana


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