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Information to change the world EAHIL WORKSHOP ITALY, Alghero june 2001 Silvia Quattrocchi Dialog Country Manager.

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2 Information to change the world EAHIL WORKSHOP ITALY, Alghero june 2001 Silvia Quattrocchi Dialog Country Manager

3 The history cicle 1964….in Palo Alto, California, Roger Summit …. 1965….first interactive retrieval service 1968….he calls this new language, Dialog. 1972….Dialog offers the first publicly-available on-line…. 1982….Radio Suisse ….DataStar 1983….Profound, a product ahead of its time 1997….three of the most powerful brands in online information are united for the first time. 2000….another convergence as Thomson acquires Dialog

4 The cycle is complete New possibilities arise, as one of the most powerful information companies in the world joins with the company that started it all.

5 The tradition For almost three decades, Dialogs brands have been known among librarians and information professionals for their breadth and depth of content, precision search tools, and speed.

6 The future Marching to the relentless rhythm of time and technology, our world is ever-evolving We believe our future success rests on the solid foundation of this heritage … the principles that have made us great

7 The strategy Dialogs strategy is to develop products and services for our core customers information professionals that build on our traditional strengths, while leveraging the power of our brands, content, global sales and service organization, and leading-edge customization tools for the Internet. Roy Martin

8 The commitment Dialogs strategies will lay the groundwork for meeting the evolving requirements of information professionals who need to organize and categorize ever- increasing amounts of data from multiple sources, while better leveraging the Web and their own intranets to efficiently and effectively manage knowledge and deliver internal services Roy Martin

9 The mission Information to change the world Our products deliver the information that helps customers to develop world-changing products and support major industry-altering transactions in more than 100 countries. Roy Martin

10 20,000 customers globally Using content sources including: BIOSIS, EMBASE, EPSICOM, Prous, AIDSLINE, MEDLINE… Accessed through Dialog, DataStar, Profound

11 Dialog Content Solutions Our content collection: Biomedical Health Care Pharmaceutical Creating Solutions

12 New Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Content

13 Nutraceuticals International NUTR Complete text of the monthly Newsletter Nutraceuticals International News & Views related to: Nutraceuticals, functional foods, dietary supplements, natural products industries From 1998 on Marketletter Publications, UK

14 MEDITEC:Medical Engineering BMED Bibliographic database relating to scientific and economic aspects of medical engineering Language: English (70%), German (30%) Updated weekly - from 1986 onwards subjects covered: biomedical measurements, medical imaging,instruments for diagnostics, optometry, ophtalmological instruments, clinical laboratory and dental technology, clinical engineering, prostheses and reabilitation engineering

15 Prous Science Daily Essential Up-to-date drug R&D information from biomedical literature, patents, ongoing congresses, company communication, conferences, internet monitoring Content from former Prous Science NME Express is included Updating daily, with Images DataStarDIALOG PREC4 weeks4584 weeks PRES1996 - 4 weeks4591996 - 4 weeks

16 New PJB Newsletters in PHIC/PHIN, 129/130 Genomika Uptodate market and business information for DNA, RNA protein analysis, Genomics... Instrumenta formerly Analytical Instrument Industry Report News and business information about analytical devices and laboratory equipment

17 NLM Files in 2001 No more separate data feed for Aidsline, Bioethicsline, HealthStar (closed files) Medline includes Aidsline, Bioethicsline, HealthStar, TOXBIB of Toxline and In-Process records Alerts from Aidsline, Toxline, HealthStar, Bioethicsline run in Medline Dialog will rebuild Toxline (TOXNET)

18 Medline In-ProcessMEIP Latest few weeks with no indexing Daily updating from Monday till Thursday Alerts for In-Process records only in MEIP In-Process records in Medline too, same updating as in MEIP Medline Quicksearch INPROCESS=YES(Search for In-Process Records) COMPLETE=YES(Search only for Indexed Records)

19 Informa Global pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Informa Group plc newsletters, strategic management reports for the global pharmaceutical industry reports are written by independent experts and read by senior executives in the pharmaceuticals and healthcare industry worldwide. Informa has experience of providing information to global senior management in the pharmaceutical and healthcare market.

20 Enterprise Solutions Fully customisable appropriate content precision searching your corporate look & feel instant access to relevant information Delivered into your corporate intranet Tailored to the individual/department or corporation

21 Enterprise Solutions Tailored to the individual/department or corporation identify content for all users create frequently-used enquiries (one click) create customized search pages create customized current awareness
















37 Summary For biomedical, healthcare, and pharmaceutical Dialog has the deepest content collection Now you can customise this content for ALL users in your enterprise You can focus on complex searches and, identifying most usual info need, use your expertise in creating the click that delivers the right result

38 Dialogs Focus Content breadth and depth Superior searching technology Performance - high speed and precision Ease of use Pricing and value Customer service and sales relations Global presence

39 Welcome to come and see at Dialog stand

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