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Say Cause or Effect for World War II Nationalistic dictators gain control in Europe and Japan Cause.

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2 Say Cause or Effect for World War II

3 Nationalistic dictators gain control in Europe and Japan Cause

4 Germany, Italy, and Japan form the Axis Powers Cause

5 Economic instability increases throughout the World. Cause

6 The United Nations is formed. Effect

7 Japan attacks Pearl Harbor Cause

8 U.S. provides aid to Great Britain and Soviet Union Effect

9 World War I peace settlements fail. Cause

10 U.S. becomes the world’s leading power. Effect

11 The Cold War begins. Effect

12 In a totalitarian state: - The _________ controls the economy. state - The ______ controls the police. state

13 The people are controlled by the ______. state The people do not have individual _______. rights

14 The Five Year Plans in Russia were intended to make Russia an _________ power. industrial

15 Which of these four men were fascist dictators?

16 Benito Mussolini Yes

17 Adolf Hitler Yes

18 Joseph Stalin No! He was a Communist

19 Francisco Franco Yes

20 In Asia, aggression’ took place when _______ invades China. Japan

21 What country was invaded by Germany to start World War II?

22 Germany Poland

23 The British and the French followed a policy toward German aggression called called

24 Appeasement (Giving in to Hitler’s demands.)

25 Which countries belonged to the Allies? - France? Yes - Austria? No - Britain Yes - Belgium? Yes

26 The “phony war” ended when Germany invaded? France

27 All of these are true of Hitler and Mussolini except?

28 They both used aggression against weaker countries. Yes

29 They both used race to stir up hatred among their followers. No – Mussolini did not

30 They both came to power illegally. No! They both came to power legally.

31 They both systematically wiped out all opposition. Yes

32 The United States responded to the growing problems in Europe and Asia by?

33 Passing the NeutralityActs.

34 What brought the USA into World War II?

35 - Japanese attack Pearl Harbor

36 The turning point of the war in Europe was the battle of?

37 Stalingrad

38 The turning point of the war in the Pacific was the Battle of?

39 Midway

40 The Americans entered World War II in Europe in 1943, when they landed in?

41 Egypt SuezCanal North Africa

42 The Japanese leader during World War II

43 Hideki Tojo

44 The Prime Minister of Britain who appeased appeasedHitler at Munich

45 Neville Chamberlain

46 Chamberlain & Hitler at Munich

47 The leader of the Nazi Party in Germany

48 AdolphHitler

49 A Nationalist leader of Spain who was a fascist

50 Francisco Franco

51 He was the leader of the free French after Germany occupied France

52 Charles de Gaulle

53 He was the US presidentduring World War II

54 Franklin D. Roosevelt

55 British Prime Minister during World War II

56 Winston Churchill

57 He was the Allied commander in the Pacific during WW II.

58 Douglas MacArthur

59 The Army Chief of Chief of Staff during World War II

60 George Marshall

61 The Manhattan Project developed? Atomic Bomb

62 Communist leader of Russia during World War II World War II

63 Joseph Stalin

64 The Allied Commander in Europe in World War II

65 Dwight Eisenhower

66 The best American fighting general in World War II.

67 GeorgePatton

68 The best German general in World War II

69 Erwin Rommel

70 An American naval commander during World War II.

71 ChesterNimitz

72 The American President who decided to drop the atomic bomb on Japan.

73 Harry S. Truman

74 Hitler’s henchman who was sentenced to death at the Nuremberg trial after WW II.

75 Herman Goering

76 The Italian dictator during World War II

77 Benito Mussolini Mussolini

78 The largest amphibious landing in history was called?

79 D-Day

80 The killing of an entire group of people is called? genocide

81 A government which controls all aspects of society is called? Totalitarian

82 The country where a civil war was the testing ground for WW II was? Spain

83 Japanese suicide weapons used at Okinawa were called?

84 Kamikaze!

85 A new world organization formed after WW II dedicated to world peace? United Nations

86 The Germans 1944 surprise attack during a blizzard was the?

87 Battle of the Bulge

88 On what date did these events take place?

89 World War II begins? September 1, 1939

90 Japanese attack Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941

91 D-Day June 6, 1944

92 VE Day (Victory in Europe) May 8, 1945

93 VJ Day (Victory over Japan) September 2, 1945

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