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Signs of Mental Illness and Suicide Prevention 10/6/2015.

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1 Signs of Mental Illness and Suicide Prevention 10/6/2015

2 What is mental illness? Mental illness refers to a wide range of mental health conditions — disorders that affect your mood, thinking and behavior. Mayo Clinic 10/6/2015

3 Examples of mental health conditions: Depression and Bi-Polar Disorder Anxiety Disorders Psychotic Disorders (i.e. Schizophrenia) Personality Disorders Eating Disorders Substance Abuse Disorders 10/6/2015

4 What causes these conditions? It can be difficult to pinpoint the cause of a mental health condition. Things that could contribute to the presence of these conditions: Family patterns Biological factors Life experiences (i.e. trauma, social stressors) Brain chemistry 10/6/2015

5 Other factors that are associated with mental health conditions: Relatives with mental illness Pre-birth exposure to viruses or poor nutrition Stressful life experiences Chronic medical conditions Child abuse Relationship issues Substance use/abuse 10/6/2015

6 Physical signs and symptoms of mental health conditions: Fatigue Weight loss or weight gain Back, head or chest pain Rapid heart rate Dizziness Digestive problems Sweating Hyperactivity, restlessness and the inability to stay on task 10/6/2015

7 Emotional or mental signs and symptoms: Feeling sad or hopeless Worrying too much Being confused Unable to control anger Feeling fearful Unable to enjoy activities you once enjoyed Withdrawing from people 10/6/2015

8 When to seek help: Anyone can occasionally experience sadness, fatigue or other symptoms that could indicate a mental health condition. If symptoms are severe enough to keep you from enjoying life, affect your ability to do your job, or changes your daily routine, you could benefit from talking with a qualified mental health professional. 10/6/2015

9 How to seek help: Call CenterPoint’s toll-free, 24-hour Customer Services number at 1-888-581-9988 10/6/2015

10 What is a mental health crisis? A person can experience severe mental distress and may consider harming self or others. This is a mental health crisis. 10/6/2015

11 Suicide Every year, millions of Americans are directly affected by the more than 37,000 suicides and hundreds of thousands of suicide attempts made by friends or loved ones. Suicide Prevention 10/6/2015

12 At Risk for Suicide Mental health conditions, especially mood disorders, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders and some personality disorders Substance abuse Major physical illness Previous suicide attempts Easy access to the means for suicide Peer pressure – suicide pacts or clusters Lack of social support; isolation Family history of suicide or suicide attempts 10/6/2015

13 Warning Signs of Suicide Talking about death Giving away belongings Increased drug or alcohol use Talking about hopelessness and no reason to live Talking about being a burden to others Reckless behavior Extreme mood swings Withdrawal 10/6/2015

14 What to do in a Crisis: If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis and is considering harming self or others, please call 9-1-1 or go to the nearest hospital emergency department. 10/6/2015

15 FOR MORE INFORMATION Visit CenterPoint’s website,, or call us at 336-714-9100; Attend additional Community Education Meetings; Post your question on the CenterPoint Facebook page; For general information, contact Penny Casto, Consumer and Community Operations Manager, 336-778-3545 or email; 10/6/2015

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