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Illustrated Vocabulary Cards

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1 Illustrated Vocabulary Cards
8th Grade Social Studies State Government in Georgia

2 Contents: Red indicates words that have been specified as content vocabulary on SOAR.

3 State Government in Georgia
State constitution separation of powers checks and balances rights of citizens responsibilities of citizens voting Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation Georgia General Assembly committee system legislative branch executive branch judicial branch governor lieutenant governor Department of Education Department of Human Resources Department of Public Safety Department of Transportation Department of Economic Development Department of Natural Resources Trial Courts Appellate Courts criminal law civil law Juvenile Court voting qualifications political parties

4 Vocabulary Cards:

5 State constitution a legal document that allows a state to exist; outlines fundamental principles, form, major officials, and powers of a government

6 checks and balances the system that provides to each
branch of government some power that controls or prevents some actions of the other two branches

7 separation of powers separation of powers
a division of responsibilities for government among the three branches (legislative, executive, judicial)

8 rights of citizens the freedoms and protections that cannot be denied by the government except under limited circumstances

9 responsibilities of citizens
obligations of citizenship

10 voting a right and responsibility of citizens; a formal expression of an opinion by an individual

11 Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation
words in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Georgia flag

12 Georgia General Assembly
the official name of Georgia’s state legislature

13 committee system system in which groups of legislators work together to respond to proposals to enact, amend, or repeal laws

14 legislative branch branch of government in Georgia responsible for making the law

15 executive branch Executive Branch in RED branch of government in Georgia responsible for carrying out the law

16 judicial branch Branch of government in Georgia responsible for interpreting the law

17 governor executive head of the state government

18 lieutenant governor state officer next in rank to a governor, Presiding President over the state senate

19 Department of Education
Georgia state department that is responsible for administering state education laws

20 Department of Human Resources
Georgia state department that is responsible for human services such as disease control, immunization, restaurant inspection, and daycare licensing

21 Department of Public Safety
Georgia state department that is responsible for enforcing traffic laws and preventing accidents, injuries, and deaths on public highways

22 Department of Transportation
Georgia state department that is responsible for planning, building, and maintaining state, U.S., and interstate highways in Georgia

23 Department of Economic Development
Georgia state department that is responsible for promoting economic development by recruiting industries and investments to Georgia

24 Department of Natural Resources
Georgia state department that is responsible for making sure our natural resources are used in the best interest of all people

25 Trial Courts courts that have the authority to be the first court to hear a case; can hold trials

26 Appellate Courts courts who have the authority to review decisions of lower courts; made up of several judges who hear cases and make decisions as a body

27 criminal law violating the criminal laws of the state

28 civil law dispute involving citizens, groups, businesses, or governments that does not involve a violation of criminal law

29 Juvenile Court court that hears cases involving people who are under 17 years of age

30 voting qualifications
be 18 years of age, a U.S. citizen, and a resident of Georgia and county in which you register to vote

31 political parties an organized group of people who share common ideals and who seek to influence government policies and decisions by electing members of their party to government office

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