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HIS 420 – Spring 2012 Student Survey #1 January 19, 2012.

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1 HIS 420 – Spring 2012 Student Survey #1 January 19, 2012

2 “Think-Alouds. When a teacher models their own thinking and problem solving when going through any kind of assignment the students gain a clearer understanding of how to approach the lesson and problem. I think this is very effective because: 1) It makes the work seem less daunting and seem possible, 2) It gives the students a real example of how to approach the work and how to handle it, 3) It helps the students relate to the teacher and see that the teacher does not just inherently know everything but has to think through problems. Overall, it is great to see what the teacher is thinking because it gives the students an example of what the teacher can expect from them.

3 Other suggestions and ideas: - Making content relevant to students’ lives - Socratic method, i.e. teaching via questioning - “Interactive PowerPoint” - “Interdisciplinary teaching” - Research projects followed by presentations - Cooperative learning activites

4 “I would like to learn how to construct lesson plans and other concrete skills, but would also like to learn strategies for intangibles, like motivating students, or keeping them engaged.” “I'm looking forward to learning about the different subjects that we will be able to teach. I don't know anything about political science.” “I would like to learn more about how to present myself in front of the class and how to conduct myself more "teacher-like" and less "student-like“ “I would like to explore more ways to teach information to students. I want to make sure that I have enough methods at my disposal, so that I am able to help many different students. Also, I want to provide variety to my future classroom to make my instruction more engaging for all of my students.”

5 “I know that a teacher can play such an important role in a student's life. As a history or social science teacher I am excited to help students expand not only their content knowledge, but to expand their understanding of the world around them, the people in it, themselves, and their role in the world. By studying history and the social sciences they will have the opportunity to construct their own perspective of the world. I would be happy to help them on that journey.” “I think that high school students are fascinating. I enjoy hearing their thoughts and opinions about history and the world around them. Also, I hope that I am able to expose them to new, and possibly different, viewpoints.”

6 “I'm afraid that I won't be able to answer some of my students questions. While I know that its unreasonable to believe that anyone could, or should, have the answers to every question, part of me still believes that I should.” “Public speaking and needing to posess a great body of knowledge from which to draw.” “I fear failing at motivating my students.” “I am most terrified of having students that really do not want to be there and will not be persuaded otherwise (make me feel like I am 'wasting my time'). I am constantly told that I will not reach every student, and that terrifies me because I will not see it as the student failing but Me failing. I am terrified of failing my students.”

7 #1 #2 #3 (tie) #5 #6

8 “I like seeing real examples. If I am told about a strategy or how to handle myself as an educator in a certain circumstance I want to actually see it modeled and used in the class.” ”…visuals help tremendously and also the omission of unnecessary jargon. I feel like, especially in history, many professors or teachers try to demonstrate their knowledge and vocabulary by using uncommon terms in the classroom…I think that using simple terms with the introduction of new concepts will help for students to grasp them easier.” “It would be best if some sort of visual component was provided.” “Visuals, engaging activities - activities that help process the material.” “Real-world scenarios.” “A general outline of assigned material along with an in class discussion of the assigned material will help me to learn better.”


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