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Local Action Plans On Line Session 23 rd November 2010.

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1 Local Action Plans On Line Session 23 rd November 2010

2 URBACT expectations Concrete road map of solutions to tackle core problems identified Form depends on: nature of problem and context (what exists + what is possible) Can be new plan or recommendations to an existing plan City focus (possiblyregional) Include at least one fundable projects Showing local impact of transnational exchange


4 Absolute essentials Early ideas end of 2009 1 st drafts 2010 ( only some arrived) LSG meetings First full draft by February 2011 Final by April Nb Delivery essential for URBACT funding

5 Position post May ( no Enna or Crotone) CITYOBJECTIVEACTIONSTAKEHOLDER/ AGENTS OF CHANGE PLANNED IMPACT SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA Increase women-led enterprise in knowledge economy Develop mentor net; support innovatory enterprise; develop subsidy programme for women leading and employing other women Employment and enterprise department of municipality/ University/ banks/ Increased uptake by women of business support e.g. 20% increase in support for women setting up business through WomenEmprende UMEAReduce gender segregation in employment so men and women have equal access to jobs and positions including entrepreneurial world. Additional actions to change the norms and structures in the labour market that favour men. Range of proposed actions. Wide range of stakeholders including Umea municipality/Region Vasterbotten/ Leia accelerator/ Employment Office / Sami Association Increased confidence for women workers A joint strategic plan Raised awareness Database of good practice CELJEExtend womens capacity to work in or develop businesses supporting vulnerable families and older people Develop funding application for support and training services. JZ Socio/Municipality/Residenti al care home/ Employment dept. Project funding for new employment and training in the sector. AMIENSReduce barriers to women entering work or setting up business Survey local needs & ideas; review programmes such as OAFF(CIDFF); extend and secure resources Municipality/NGOs/ Employment Department Raise profile and impact of municipal equal opportunities department. Plan the actions necessary to increase rates of women completing entry to work training courses ALZIRAIncrease no. of female entrepreneurs, particularly amongst the young Micro finance initiative Establish Erasmus programme for young women entrepreneurs Municipality/ IDEA/Bank Chamber of Commerce Improved contribution to review of Alziras Plan of Equality 2008-10 plus 2 funded projects KARVINAIncrease % of unemployed women completing retraining programme or business start up programme Analysis of statistical data and survey of business woman and unemployed womens situation in Karvina Municipality/ Chamber of Commerce Clearer targets and action plans incorporated into return to work and start up training programmes

6 Next steps – individual LSGs Review evidence base – DONE – still to be finally written? Stakeholder analysis – DONE – still to be finally written? Problems analysis- DONE – still to be finally written? STILL NEEDED Concrete proposals and consistency check Finalised partnerships Feasibility check and risk assessment Plans to launch and implement draft plan Title of presentation I Friday, 21 February 2014 I Page 6

7 WEED Resources 7000 per LSG (CHECK) Translations; Travel and accommodation; Meeting rooms URBACT LSG toolkit WEED LAP guide Feedback when drafts received Peer review at February workshop


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