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Political Parties The Development of Political Parties.

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1 Political Parties The Development of Political Parties

2 What are Political Parties Group of people with common interests that organize together to win elections and influence the government. 2 Main political Parties for most of the United States History US is 2 Party System

3 Washington’s Farewell Address on P 170

4 Why did the first two parties emerge? Constitution says nothing about political parties Alexander Hamilton vs. Thomas Jefferson Different economic views


6 US Political Parties 1787 – 1824 Federalists Vs National Republicans 1824 – 1854 Democrat Vs Whig 1854 – Present Democrat Vs Republicans

7 3 rd Parties Small groups, receive little votes, but influence politics Single-Issue Parties: Promote a single issue Ideological Parties: Support a Particular Idea Independent Candidates 3 rd Parties Rarely win due to the nations 2 party tradition


9 Political Parties in other Nations Multi Party Systems- many parties – Germany Single Party Systems – One party – Peoples Republic of China

10 How political parties differ How much government should be involved Moderate: Both try to appeal to all the voters Political Platform: Series of statements which describes the parties beliefs Each part is called a Plank

11 Homework Complete Ch 8 EOC Review on Pages 262 and 263 and Define the following vocabulary: – Political Party – Two-Party System – Third Party – Platform – Plank

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