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Characterisation Adrian Brown The National Archives, UK.

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1 Characterisation Adrian Brown The National Archives, UK

2 Overview Develop tools and services to characterise the significant properties of digital objects, to support: –Development of preservation plans –Validation of preservation actions (evaluating change) The subproject considers: –Representation properties –Inherent properties

3 Aims & Objectives To deliver: –Methodologies for describing significant properties –Tools and services for automating measurement and comparison of these properties –Recommendations for improving the preservation characteristics of digital object types

4 Aims & Objectives

5 Achievements (Year 1) Characterisation registry Property description and extraction methodology and tools Characterisation tool framework

6 Characterisation registry First iteration registry (bringing PRONOM to its next generation) Persistent Unique Identifier scheme for registry information Support for registry-driven characterisation tool framework


8 Describing and extracting characteristics Extensible Characterisation Description Language (XCDL) Extensible Characterisation Extraction Language (XCEL)

9 Migrator tiff png Extractor tiff XCELpng XCEL... XCEL Comparer png XCDL tiff XCDL 93% XCDL & XCEL

10 XCDL/XCEL tools Command line interface for extractor Preliminary specification for comparator GUI for extractor experiments

11 GUI example

12 Characterisation tool framework Registry-driven framework for automated deployment of tools Initial tools implemented: –DROID –JHOVE –Java POI (MS Office documents) –JAXP (XML validation)


14 Planned activities (Year 2) Final XC*L specifications Characterisation registry (iteration 2) Representation Information Registries White Paper XCDL extraction tool Characterisation tool wrapper specification Emerging technologies report

15 Thank you!

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