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Course Introduction Software Engineering

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1 Course Introduction Software Engineering
Yonsei University 2nd Semester, 2013 Sanghyun Park

2 Course Goals (1/2) Software systems are ubiquitous
Even simple software systems have a high inherent complexity Software engineering is an engineering discipline whose goal is the cost-effective development of software systems

3 Course Goals (2/2) This course introduces concepts, theories, tools, and methods for the specification, development, management, and evolution of software systems in the perspective of software engineering

4 Prerequisite Basic computer science background
Programming skill (C, C++, Java, …) Data structure Willing to cooperate as a team member

5 Web Site (class homepage)
Syllabus, announcements, lecture notes, homework, solutions, useful links, etc (publisher’s web site)

6 Textbook Software Engineering, 9th Edition, Ian Sommerville, Pearson, 2010

7 Grades 30% midterm exam 30% final exam 30% project
10% attendance and class participation ‘F’ will be given if absent more than 1/3

8 Class Schedule Week 1 Introduction to the course, Introduction to software engineering Week 2 Project management and planning, Software processes Week 3 Software processes (Agile software development) Week 4 Requirement engineering Week 5 System modeling Week 6 Architectural design Week 7 Design and implementation Week 8 Midterm exam

9 Class Schedule Week 9 Design and implementation
Week 10 Software testing Week 11 Software evolution Week 12 Special topics Week 13 Project presentation Week 14 Project presentation Week 15 Project presentation Week 16 Final exam

10 Project One team with 4 members
More than 4 members if project is large (maximum 5) Less than 4 members if project is small (minimum 3)

11 Project Schedule (1/2) End of 3rd week One page document which describes team members and project topic End of 5th week Document for requirement analysis End of 9th week Design document End of 12th week Completely working source code and test plan with test cases

12 Project Schedule (2/2) End of 15th week User manuals, one-click installable source code, and test cases  Submit required materials to TA by 10 pm of due date  Late penalty: 10% each day

13 TA Information Name: 정다예 Office: C533-1 (2123-7757)

14 Any questions or comments on this class?

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