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Section 2 Software.

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1 Section 2 Software

2 Operating system Software Application Software
The “programs” which a set of information that tell the computer what to do and how to do it Types of Software : Operating system Software Application Software

3 1. Operating System Software
Operating system is the system software that controls the computer Operating system functions Manage resources Provide user interface Run applications

4 Operating system Hardware Applications

5 Types of operating system (OS)
Microsoft Windows 8 , 7 , XP,… UNIX Linux Apple Mac OS and Mac OS X DOS (Disk Operating System)

6 Graphical User Interface (GUI)
It is the graphics or images that appear on the screen representing the objects in the system

7 Some commonly used GUI components:
Icon Button Pointer Cursor

8 Menu Window

9 2. Application Software An application is a software program that is designed to perform a specific task or set of related tasks.

10 Examples of Application software
Word processing Spreadsheets applications Databases applications (DBMS) Photo/Image editing applications Web browsing

11 Word Processing Program
A word Processors allow users to create , edit and format text based documents Example : Microsoft Word

12 Spreadsheet Applications
Numerically oriented software programs that help users store , organize , track and report data Example : Microsoft Excel

13 Database Application (DBMS)
Database Applications or DBMS are used to store , organize , and retrieve data Example : Microsoft Access

14 Web Browsers Are applications that provide users with access to the internet Example : Microsoft Internet Explorer

15 Versions Version : is the additional evolves to the software applications to face the developments in computer performance ,and hardware example : version 2.4.0

16 How Do I Check the Software Version:
Help  About


18 How Do I Check the Product ID Number:
Help  About

19 Updates Updates : allow user to upgrade his existing software to the latest version without having to install the new version from scratch.

20 How is Software Built ? Analysis Design Stage Programming Testing
The software development stages : Analysis Design Stage Programming Testing

21 Software Categories Shareware: Freeware:
Is software that is available for users to try for free by downloading and installing it from the internet. With shareware, after a certain period of time, the user will typically be required to pay a fee Freeware: Is computer software that is freely available for an unlimited time and at no cost .

22 End User License Agreement (EULA)
Is a legal contract between the manufacturer and/or the author and the end user of an application. If the user wants the software installation to continue he will click a checkbox, radio button, or an “I Agree” button.

23 End User License Agreement (EULA)

24 Copyright Copyright can be described as a set of rights that can control how a particular creation is used or copied. Any material that is in the public domain (can be freely used by anyone) is not copyright protected.

25 Download: You should not download any file from an unknown source to avoid contain a virus that can damage other files on your computer. You should not try to distribute these materials in a way that leads to copyright infringement.

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