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CLUVA Introduction to workshop in Munich April 22-28 Stephan Pauleit, TUM Munich, 23-04-2012.

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1 CLUVA Introduction to workshop in Munich April 22-28 Stephan Pauleit, TUM Munich, 23-04-2012

2 Major expected results of CLUVA project Up-to-date sub-regional climate models( WP1) Methodology and tools for multiple vulnerabilities assessment of African cities (WP2) –Models validated with 5 urban systems –Risk assessment and mapping Innovative urban planning based approaches to climate risks mitigation in Africa urban areas (WP3) Improved African R&D capacity in the related field (WP4) –R&D rooted in socio-economic fabric of the country Improved quality of policy decision making and foresight knowledge production (WP5)

3 CLUVA objectives related to WP2 Assessment of the multiple vulnerabilities of African cities, emphasis on: –Built & critical infrastructure (Task 2.1) –Urban ecosystems & green infrastructure (Task2.2) –Exposed population (Task 2.3) Integration of multiple risks into framework for a multirisk assessment (Task 2.4)

4 UMT as integrative tool in the CLUVA project T3.3 Adaptation strategies Spatial Governance T3.2 Land use indicators T2.2 Urban morphology types T2.2 Green structureT2.1 Built vuln. & lifelines T2.3 Social vulnerabiliry T1.3 Hazards Assessment of current & future states

5 Objectives of Task 2.2 1. Characterising (a) Reminder of overall objectives 1.Characterising the city and its green infrastructure (what and where) 2.Assessing provisioning and regulating ecosystem services, current & future 3.Green infrastructure planning 2. Assessing Evidence Base 3. Applying to Planning Other WP2 tasks Other WPs Task 2.2

6 Objectives of the workshop To make progress in Task 2.2: –UMT mapping in the five case studies –Land cover assessment –Assessment of GI dynamics – past / future –Assessment of ecosystem services: regulating, provisioning –Development of indicators for vulnerability assessment of urban ecosystems as an input to Task 2.4 To make progress in developing the interfaces between Task 2.2 & Task 2.3 as well as with Task 3.2 To further joint understanding of the tasks ahead and knowledge exchange between researchers from all case studies & the European partners To develop a clear working programme for Task 2.2 in each case study: until Dar meeting in July & until end of project.

7 Task 2.2 Deliverables CodeTitleMPM D2.6 Database of existing international evidence 87 D2.7Green infrastructure maps1813 D2.8 GIS assessment of UES (current & Future) 3013 D2.9Recommendations3015 D2.10 Evaluation of the potential of urban ecosystem services 3324

8 Workshop programme Day 1: Status of Task 2.2 in case studies & PhDs Day 2: –Land cover assessment & analysis –UMT as integrative tool – link to GI planning & Task 2.3 Day 3: –Ecosystem services –Urban modelling Day 4: –GI dynamics –Indicators Day 5: –Urban Planning –Programming

9 Principles for the workshop It is a WORKshop! PhD students/ main researchers are the key players Fexibility – adapt to emerging needs Result in clear programme/ action points

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