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Internet Safety Mrs. Oliver Technology 2011 - 2012.

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1 Internet Safety Mrs. Oliver Technology 2011 - 2012

2 Benefits of the internet Sharing of Personal Information Dangers of Personal sites like My Space, Facebook, Twitter, etc. My Space, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Online Bullying Copyright Viruses, Spam, Spyware Importance of Communication between students and Parents

3 What are some benefits of the internet? Research (finding Information) for school projects. Communication with people from all around the world. Educational Games and Programs Ability to share ideas and resources with people who have the same interests as you. Shopping around the world without leaving your computer. Banking & Paying Bills Sharing photos and videos. Online (virtual) tours of interesting places.

4 What is personal information? Full Name & Age Address E-mail Appearance Description of your family Passwords Phone Number

5 Why do kids use sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and My Space? The ability to interact and communicate with others is one of the biggest attractions of the internet for kids. Talking to people in chat rooms, instant messaging, playing online games, entering contests and filling out surveys are all popular online activities.

6 Is Instant Messaging Safe? A Girl and her Brother A Girl and her Brother A Boy and an Inmate A Boy and an InmateIt is safe when you know the person you are talking to. If you “meet” people online, you are never certain who they really are.

7 What is Bullying? What is Online Bullying? Young people should be aware that some forms of online bullying are considered criminal acts. Under the Criminal Code of Canada, it is a crime to communicate repeatedly with someone if your communication causes them to fear for their own safety or the safety of others. It is also a crime to write something that is designed to insult a person or is likely to injure a person’s reputation.

8 What should you do if you are being bullied online? Guidelines for children and teens. 1.Guard your contact information. Don’t give people you don’t know your cell phone number,instant messaging name,or e-mail address. 2.If you are being bullied or harassed online, tell an adult you trust. (a parent, teacher, older brother or sister or grandparent) 3.When bullied or harassed, leave the area or activity immediately, whether it is a game, instant messaging, chat or whatever. 4. If bullying comes through e-mail or instant messaging block the sender’s messages. 5. NEVER REPLY TO HARASSING MESSAGES!

9 What should you do if you are being bullied online? 6.Save any Harassing messages and forward them to your Internet Service Provider, Rogers, Yahoo, Aliant etc. Most of these companies have policies that stop users from harassing others over the internet…..and that includes KIDS! 7.If bullying includes physical threats call the police as well. 8. Take a stand against cyber-bullying with your friends. Speak out whenever you see someone being mean to to another person online.

10 Enjoy the Internet …but be safe online!

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