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1 The Italian Governance Models and the role of the Head of Administration Pasquale Mastrodomenico Head of Administration - University of Eastern Piedmont.

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1 1 The Italian Governance Models and the role of the Head of Administration Pasquale Mastrodomenico Head of Administration - University of Eastern Piedmont Amedeo Avogadro Vercelli, Italy HUMANE SEMINAR Targu Mures, 13th 14th June 2008

2 2 Contents Amedeo Avogadro University Italian University Governance over the years Evolution - devolution activities H.o.A. mission - task – role

3 3 Main centres of study: Alessandria Novara Vercelli Amedeo Avogadro University (A.A.U.)

4 4 ALESSANDRIA NOVARA VERCELLI (Rectorate) Law and Economics Bio-and Environmental Sciences Sciences and Advanced Technologies Information Technology Public Policy and Public Choice Social Research Law Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences Political Sciences Business Management and Territory Planning Economics and Quantitative Methods Medical Sciences Clinical and Experimental Medicine Chemistry, Food, Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences Economics Medicine and Surgery Pharmacy Humanities DepartmentsFaculties City

5 5 The A.A.U. figures year 2007 teaching staff 378 technical administrative staff 355 students enrolled (I+II cycle) 9.500 (29 coming from Romania) PhD + medical schools 550 graduated students 1.700 budget 80.000.000 –from operational State funds 44.000.000 –From students fees 8.000.000 –from others 28.000.000

6 6 Research ranking indicators (AAU vs similar universities) (National Research Evaluation Committee - C.I.V.R. web site)

7 7 Services and structures ranking (AAU vs Italian universities - Censis a.y. 2008/2009) Faculty ranking Economics 7/45 Pharmacy 2/29 Law21/45 Humanities13/41 Medicine11/38 Mat. Phys. Nat. Sciences 9/29 Political Sciences 4/30 A. Avogadro University15/59

8 8 University Ministry over the years 1988-1996 specific University Ministry 1996-2006 part of the Education Ministry, ( University Deputy Minister with portfolio ) 2006-2008 specific University Ministry 2008- part of the Education Ministry, ( University Deputy Minister without portfolio )

9 9 Ministry consulting committees CUNacademic university council ( professors and researchers recruitment authorisation, courses authorisation, professors disciplinary action,... ) CNVSU national evaluation committee CIVRresearch evaluation committee CNSUuniversity student committee CRUIRector conference

10 10 the former the new University Ministers

11 11 Internal University Governance (Italian overview) Bodiesfields Senate academics, student, internal regulation and general strategy Board students fees, economical, financial, estate, etc. Chancellor represents the University, chairs the Senate and the Board Internal Evaluation Committee (since 1993 - link to the National evaluation committee) Auditor Committee (since 1982 - a member is appointed by the Economic Ministry)

12 12 A.A.U. - Senate Composition (28 members) Deans and representatives of: Professors, Researchers, Students, technical and administrative staff Task Political function, resources allocation planning, academic issues

13 13 A.A.U. - Board Composition (24 members) representatives of: Professors, Researches, technical and administrative staff, Students, local Institutions (Cities of Alessandria, Novara, Vercelli), Ministry Task supervision of the economical and financial University life

14 14 A.A.U. - Chancellor elected by all Professors and a representative of Researchers, students and technical/administrative staff Tasks He/She guarantees freedom of research, teaching and study; protects the students rights; He/She is the legal representative of the University

15 15 University milestones 1980 from the academic chair to the roles (Po - Pa - Researchers) 1982 Departments financial autonomy 1989 Universities statute autonomy 1990 Payrolls decentralisation 1993 State financial simplification (from 21 budget items to only 3 b.i.) 1999 Bologna Process (courses reform, ects, mobility, ect.) 2005 National three year planning 2007 Courses qualifying requirement 2007 new National Evaluation System

16 16 new University duties payrolls (fixed salary) accessory salary (according to Trade-unions negotiation) building maintenance, new constructions, safety tools health services (Medicine Faculty) recruitment process (professors, researchers, permanent or temporary staff with different rules, long time process, many authorisations, …) Bologna Process (credits, exams, IT services, mobility,…) Students courses qualification (teachers number, students number, transparency requirement, information on web site, …) Three years planning (regarding academic courses, research, students services, internationalisation, H.R.)...

17 17 … and new Institutional relations Education Ministry Economy Ministry National Administration Local Administration Health Ministry National Administration Local Administration Regional Government Provincial Government City Government Other public and private Institutions (Local Companies, Banks, Foundations,...)

18 18 Critical points No State funding to run new activities The rules change continuously Difficulty in recruitment process Arising of internal and external Institutional players...

19 19 …to sum-up Many competences moved from State to Universities No specific State funds to support Universities A new economic word coinage free-cost reform ! The result ? Decentralisation complexity !

20 20 H.o.A. in the past - 1 till 1997 appointed by the Minister chosen from a list of University managers written on the list following a national public selection non fixed-term appointment H.o.A. level A: big Universities H.o.A. level B: small Universities

21 21 H.o.A. in the past - 2 the main tasks Board and Senate Secretary Signature: supply orders and contracts, payment mandates, students certifications, salary notes, authorisations, etc. deputy officer to spend State funding regarding building maintenance and construction, research equipment. Budget dimension (e.g.: Turin Polytechnic 1989 budget 20,9 M - 2007 budget 293 M + 1.400%) the Mission Ministers longa manus, to ensure law respect and financial control

22 22 H.o.A. nowadays - 1 appointed by the Chancellor in agreement with the University Government Bodies it is no longer a list the belonging to the University system is optional he/she can be a manager coming from other P.A. the academic degree for the position is non necessary fixed-term appointment (3÷5 years period)

23 23 H.o.A. nowadays - 2 the main tasks Board and Senate Secretary Signature: on contracts, authorisations, etc. to write/check reports, to attend meetings, …., to fight with trade-unions, …, to survive to the e-mail flood,... the Mission is to balance different powers and to deal with different players in order to achieve the institutional goals (Fernando Casani)

24 24 New H.o.A. skills Human resources management ( sometimes also psychiatric help !) Financial knowledge Contracts competence Assessment and performance analyst I.C.T. knowledge Problem oriented

25 25 Amedeo Avogadro University Administration chart (2006)

26 26 Pasquale past experience - 1 Administration chart (UniTo 1998-2005)

27 27 Pasquale past experience - 2 Administration chart ( PoliTo 1990-1997)

28 28 The way to be H.o.A. Chief executive officer General secretary Executive secretary Chancellor secretary ….

29 29 Scenarios

30 30 Choose the right scenario adapting to the events ?

31 31 Multe mulţumiri colegilor de români! Many thanks to the Romanian colleagues!

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