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Vermelding onderdeel organisatie February 20, 2014 1 Restructuring Support Services and Administration at Delft University of Technology A major case of.

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1 Vermelding onderdeel organisatie February 20, 2014 1 Restructuring Support Services and Administration at Delft University of Technology A major case of change in internal governance Humane annual conference Amsterdam Hans Krul, Secretary General

2 February 20, 20142 Dutch university biotope in the year 2003/ 2004 External developments: Restrictions (funding) on duration of study Abolition of funding non EU students (system of grants) Further retrenchment (fixed rate) More programme funding (EU TTI, key areas) Fundamental changes in funding of Education and Research

3 February 20, 20143 Consequences for TU Delft Entirely new biotope From: Rivalry (jockeying for position) Via: Competition (scarcity of funds & talent) To: Accountability for results i.e.: survival (much) more programme funding permanent pulling power to attract students broader partnerships (IDEA league, 3TU NL) rationalise organisation as much as possible (support accounted for approx. 25% of the budget)

4 February 20, 20144 Benchmark study TU Eindhoven Comparison with TU Eindhoven produced 2 important findings: 1. Better academic staff/ support staff ratio for TU/e versus TUD, namely 1.5: 1 and 1:1 2. nevertheless, higher output per academic FTE, e.g. number of PhD students per professor

5 February 20, 20145 Starting points reorganisation project Starting positionTU Delft is strongly decentralised Goal Improve (defend) competitive position of TU Delft through better (optimal) use of scarce resources Through More sharing in all functional areas Systems Work processes Clear arrangements (management system) Good information (MIS) Best practices Change in attitude

6 February 20, 20146 Project organisation ICT Staff Finance Accommodation Communication functional area Project Group Steering Group = driver & team Task Forces

7 February 20, 20147 New internal governance Integrated management dean Central employer Model: Support under direction of 1 supervisor: central member of staff decentralised member of staff (seconded) dean = customer Role-based governance functional (how: professional standard, career, HRM) operational (what and when)

8 February 20, 20148 New internal governance: Elaboration of central employer model 1.Shared service centres 2.Seconded staff 3.Expertise centres

9 February 20, 20149 1) Shared service centres delivery of standardised services to operational units (incl. departments) based on an agreement on quality, quantity, price monitoring via customer platform centralised or non-centralised / front and back office move towards 1 help desk for TU Delft local counter for reception function, keys etc. New internal governance: Elaboration of central employer model

10 February 20, 201410 2) Seconded employees hierarchically and functionally under central employer operational under dean 3 to 4 years attached to management unit (job rotation) with several seconded employees, there is 1 coordinator 3) Expertise centres central policy, project and advisory groups strategic specialised knowledge for TU Delft full control at central employer New internal governance: Elaboration central employer model

11 February 20, 201411 More transparent support organisation Faster and more efficient service.... based on pre-determined Service Level Agreements More standard work Client/supplier attitude is required New internal governance: Consequences for academics

12 February 20, 201412 New internal governance Elaboration of decentralised employer model In-house staff faculties: Education & Student Affairs Administrative and secretarial support (Technical) support for education and research processes Support managers of faculties also active at university level (Bridging the gap) Functional control university manager

13 February 20, 201413 Change in control model/new role for departmental directors Leading role in TU Delft transformation Active promotion and communication of new attitude Active implementation of new administrative responsibility (= manager of department) ……and: focus on scientific output!

14 February 20, 201414 Checks & balances Customer - supplier relationship Each functional area has a dean who represents the customer role Sounding board for manager of functional area in relation to policy and services (quality and quantity) All products are described incl. quality parameters and customer groups for feedback

15 February 20, 201415 Results of reorganisation Old AS : SMS ratio0.98 : 1 New AS : SMS ratio1.33 : 1 (increase 250 AS1.48 : 1)

16 February 20, 201416 Reorganisation financial Savings: 20m per year (structural) Costs: just over 40m for social plan (once only)

17 February 20, 201417 Critical success factors Strong commitment of highest management (university + faculty) Transparency on motives (staff understood why it had to be done) Largely an in-house university project (only a few embedded external advisers)

18 February 20, 201418 Is everything running smoothly? No! Setting up shared service centres is costing more time than expected (notably standardisation) Organisation, notably academics, has problems with customer role Support staff in faculties sometimes have trouble with dual control model Strong emphasis on ICT, systems not yet entirely available e.g. Document Management System Customer feedback processes are developing too slowly

19 February 20, 201419 Evaluation of reorganisation Started 1 May 2008; completed 1 November 2008 Perception survey among staff & customers Upward pressure on support FTEs expected More personal attention for customer from shared service centres More attention for change in attitude customer & support staff

20 February 20, 201420

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