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APEX L EARNING FOR I NITIAL C REDIT A-Team High School Breakout Session January 12, 2011.

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1 APEX L EARNING FOR I NITIAL C REDIT A-Team High School Breakout Session January 12, 2011

2 When to use APEX? Enrollment in APEX Learning initial-credit courses should ONLY be considered once the following options are exhausted (in order): – 1. Face-to-face classroom – 2. South Carolina Virtual School Program – 3. Horry County Virtual School

3 English II, III, IV Algebra II, Geometry, Math Tech III & IV, Probability and Stats, Pre-Calculus Global Studies I & II, Government, Economics Health (.5 credit) Spanish I and II Psychology, Art Appreciation (.5 credit), Music Appreciation Initial Credit Course Offerings

4 Additional Course Information Only college prep courses, no honors None of the courses requiring a state EOCT will be offered for initial credit via APEX Science courses are not offered for initial credit due to the complexity of lab requirements

5 Curriculum Courses reviewed to ensure the rigor of online courses match the rigor of teacher taught classes Courses and assignments are the same district- wide Assessments: – Test and exams must be proctored at school – Computer scored tests provide immediate feedback – Teacher scored tests come with answer keys and grading rubrics

6 Completion Timeline Except for transfer students, courses begin Jan 19, 2011 and must end by May 27, 2011 One credit course- 120 hours with 8 hours/week - approximately 15 weeks One half credit - 70 hours with 8 hours/week - approximately 9 weeks

7 Roles/Responsibilities Apex Site Coordinator ( district liaison, enroll students in Apex courses, monitor school reports to help maintain accurate records, school expert) Guidance Director (PowerSchool schedules, record PowerSchool grades & comments) Apex Lab Facilitator (grade most teacher-scored activities by rubric, monitor student progress, generate progress reports, automate weekly e-mail reports to parents, etc., maintain Apex grade book and records database) Subject Matter Teachers (grade teacher scored assignments as needed, assist students as needed)

8 Sample Assignment English Language Arts – Sample Assignment presented by Olga Toggas to demonstrate how subject matter teachers will be needed to assist with grading assignments.

9 Grading/Scheduling Abide by SC Uniform Grading Policy regarding withdrawals. Online courses must use PowerSchool course numbers. Schedule online course in a block outside of the regular school day. Online courses should appear on the student’s schedule and report card. Only FINAL course grades are recorded in PowerSchool. Comments are available in the PowerSchool comment bank for report cards.

10 What can you do to help? Identify subject matter teachers to assist with grading Organize meeting to ensure proper online course procedures are in place. (i.e. Site Coordinator, Guidance Director, Lab Facilitator & identified teachers) Ensure proper learning environment and technology hardware available (considerable amount of print materials required) Require bi-monthly or weekly Apex progress reports

11 Need Help? Exceptions to Apex guidelines?...Rick Maxey Course numbers?.......................Boone Myrick PowerSchool?.............................Debbie Maxson Apex Learning ?..........................Edi Cox

12 Thank you! Horry County Schools And Apex Learning

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