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(in) WEBSITE ANALYSIS: REVISION. about (in) (in)courage is a blog created by women for women. It’s designed to address issues concerning.

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2 about (in) (in)courage is a blog created by women for women. It’s designed to address issues concerning Christianity, marriage, friendship, womanhood, child rearing, singleness – just to name a few. Each issue addressed pertains to something that may be considered close to the hearts of Christian women. The writers vary each day and each holds their own story. Some writers have been through cancer, miscarriages, divorce, and are married, single, have children, and in this way can relate to many people. The website exists to create a community where women can feel free to express themselves and to process these aforementioned issues. Here you can learn, share, experience, soak in, and be messy. Because this blog is unique, personable, creative, rare and homey, my overall evaluation of the website is positive. I have yet to encounter another website quite like this one. With that said, I’ve evaluated this website based on design and organization, audience appeal, and content.

3 Photographing (in)

4 Design & Organization The design is the immediate source of the homey feeling. The colors are bright and welcoming and the design is both interesting and simplistic. Looking at the website you feel comforted. The header’s Bible verse and image change regularly to compliment the seasons of life, thus adding such a personal touch. The website’s color, image, and verse use, as well as the unique and intentional design element, send an overall positive, homey and personal message to viewers and captivates its’ potential audience members. There is a toolbar at the top of the screen, provided for easy navigation. Above the small toolbar there is also a larger toolbar created with a unique design. Here you can access the (in)courage team members, hear the story of the blog’s journey, as well as the message and the overall goal of the website. It is at this toolbar that I quickly got to know the heart and goal of this website and that they wish to connect to women and connect women with women. This website is also very organized in the timing of the posts. You can expect at least 3-4 new posts to appear; daily, and they will all be by very different writers speaking on differing topics.

5 Meet (in)courage writers:

6 Audience Appeal o Audience appeal is important because it determines content. The writers are speaking to a unique population: Christian women. Christian women from all walks of life. Because these writers have chosen Christian women as their audience, I am able to relate to most topics that are written about. Websites become more valuable to me when things about them are more rare. This is the first website I’ve ever found like this.

7 Content Next to design and organization, content is extremely important to me when I evaluate a website for personal use. And once an audience is decided, the content will be more pointed. One of the reasons I appreciate this website so much is because of how vulnerable, raw, and real the writers are in sharing their personal stories and experiences. I find solace in their words and can easily relate to them. Not only that, but I find this website inspiring in my own writing, blogging, and creativity, and it has fueled many successful creative nights. No topics are avoided at this website. You can come to hear about motherhood, the mundane of the everyday, singlehood, books, church, etc. Specific topics I have enjoyed have pertained to singleness, friendship, and community.

8 A Sample Post This image was a screen shot taken of a post on friendship. There’s a photograph that says “That’s what friends are for.” Below the photograph begins the words to the post that say “Sometimes friendship is plain hard.” Again, I love the honesty dripping from that one simple sentence.

9 Today Today I read a powerful and challenging post. It read as follows: “Little Viv was a preemie, but such a cutie, and was finally home in the arms of her mama. I took a meal over to the family, chili and some fresh baked bread. I had no children at this point, and was so excited for my friend, I had a million questions. And I wanted to see the baby room! We sat down in her living room and she was trying to nurse, but was having a difficult time. I kept blabbering on about who-knows-what, asking questions, and looking around, while she was being polite and gracious but trying to focus on getting her baby to eat – which the baby would not do. I don’t know when I finally stopped talking and left, but looking back, I can’t believe my friend didn’t say to me, “Sarah, can we chat later? I need to nurse Viv now.” But she didn’t do that; her kindness covered my poor etiquette. I really had no idea how inconsiderate I was being that day. I would never do that to a mama now unless she asked me to stay and chat.” Have you ever been that girl? I know I have. It’s personal. You can relate. You are at home.

10 To Conclude... This blog has become very special to my heart. I appreciate most everything about it: design, organization, audience appeal, and the most important part, content. I find the website very helpful and encouraging, as well as homey, personal, and creative. I like that I can use it to help boost my morale in a day, to fuel my creativity, and to find practical tips that will not only better me, but enrich my life. I’ve found other women who are similar to me that value this website as well. I think that (in)courage is such a positive and useful site where women can rest and find peace. I would share the website with any woman, it’s that special!

11 By: Jordan McCallister THE END!

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