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Chapter 4, Section 4 Resources, Trade and the Environment.

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1 Chapter 4, Section 4 Resources, Trade and the Environment

2 Economic Development Most natural resources are NOT evenly distributed throughout the earth. This uneven distribution affects the global economy, and as a result, countries specialize in the economic activities best suited to their resources. Geographers and economists classify all of the world’s economics into 4 types:


4 involve taking or using natural resources directly from the earth. They include farming, grazing, fishing, forestry, and mining. take place near the natural resources that are being gathered or used. For example, coal mining occurs at the site of a coal deposit. Primary Economic Activities


6 use raw materials to produce something new and more valuable. –Ex: manufacturing automobiles, assembling electronic goods, producing electric power, or making pottery. These activities occur close to the resource or close to the market for the finished good. Secondary Economic Activities


8 do not involved directly acquiring and remaking natural resources. Instead, they are activities that provide services to people and businesses. –Ex. Doctors, teachers, lawyers, truckers, and store clerks all provide professional, wholesale, or retail services. Tertiary Economic Activities


10 are concerned with the processing, management & distribution of information. They are vitally important to modern economies that have been transformed in recent years by the Information (computer) Revolution. People performing these activities include “white collar” professionals working in: –Ex. education, government, business, information processing, and research Quaternary Economic Activities


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