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Knowledge management in DG CONNECT September 2013.

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1 Knowledge management in DG CONNECT September 2013

2 DG CONNECT We reorganized in 2012 to facilitate knowledge creation and exchange unleash the creative talents of staff ensure a better integration of R&D, innovation, policy, and regulation

3 A Knowledge Manifesto July Principles: People: Empower knowledge workers Process: Central role to knowledge Technology: Connected platform

4 WHAT People: 5% creativity time Concept Agreements CDR KS objectives Process: An open culture; senior BTOs, MTs, Metrics Digital is everywhere Technology: Connected

5 Metrics Knowing what we need to know 50 units, 180 priorities, 1000+ indicators Dashboard: 4 pillars, 20 indicators What we do


7 Businesses are Going Social 7 Companies all over the world are launching enterprise social networks to promote internal communication and collaboration From corporate giants (Deutsche Bank, PWC) to Int'l Orgs (The World Bank) to young tech startups (Groupon)

8 Why? 8 To increase conversations horizontally and vertically To better join up large organisations To better align around the big picture To more efficiently and effectively use their human capital

9 Why we chose Jive Asked 250 CONNECT staff for input Matched against market Key learnings are independent of platform Gartner Magic Quadrant for Social Software in the Workplace

10 Changing the way we work 1.Gathering inputs quickly and broadly 2.Knowing what's going on 3.Saving time in meetings 4.Listening to staff 5.Making it easier to find things 6. One place for meeting records with external parties

11 LIVE DEMO Robert's blog Senior Management BTOs Big data group

12 Staff engaging with content Staff creating new content

13 Next steps Strategic alignment: – Metrics – Networks Free movement: Connected Radar: DG network; Stakeholders; TCs

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