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Student School Home Sandhurst School Welcome.

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1 Student School Home KS4 @ Sandhurst School Welcome

2 KS4 Curriculum Core Subjects English – English Language GCSE and English Literature GCSE. Mathematics – including Statistics GCSE for most students. Science – Core and Additional Science GCSEs (exams all at the end of year 11). Skills for Life – non-examined. Core PE – non-examined. Option Subjects Up to 4 other subjects that students have chosen to study. They generally have five lessons in each of these subjects every fortnight. English Baccalaureate (EBacc) was recommended but not compulsory.

3 Option Subjects Most year 10s seem to have settled in to their option subjects very well. There is a very short window for students to consider changing their option choices. By the end of next week it will be too late for most students to be able to change their options. To change their option subjects we will always require written confirmation from parents.

4 Curriculum Change – Year 10 Reformed Key stage 3 KS3 levels no longer statutory. The KS3 curriculum was been significantly revised in order to prepare our new year 10 students for the changes that have happened to KS4. The curriculum choice and options for students beginning the Key Stage 4 curriculum has been designed to comply fully with the new government guidance and regulations.

5 Curriculum Change – Year 10

6 Reforming Key stage 4 (GCSE) Qualifications A new GCSE grading scale that uses the numbers 1 to 9 to identify levels of performance (rather than A*-G), with 9 being the top grade (4 being roughly equal to the old C grade). New grading is for English and mathematics only for current Year 10. Other subjects will be using this grading system from next year 9

7 Curriculum Change – Year 10 Reforming Key Stage 4 (GCSE) Qualifications New English and mathematics GCSEs are now being delivered, with students sitting these new GCSE examinations in summer 2017. (Other GCSEs will be introduced for first teaching from 2016). GCSE mathematics provides greater coverage and is more challenging for those aiming to achieve top grades. There is a greater emphasis on problem solving and teaching about personal finance is now compulsory. GCSE English Language requires higher level reading skills and good, accurate written English, which will better prepare students for further study and work. GCSE English Literature encourages students to read, write and think critically; it assesses students on challenging and substantial whole texts and on shorter unseen texts. Students will no longer be provided with copies of the novels or plays in the exams. Most GCSE examinations are un-tiered, only GCSE Mathematics examinations will continue to have two separate tiers of entry. Controlled assessments have been removed from the English assessment process. GCSE examinations to recognise and reward accurate spelling, punctuation and grammar.

8 Reporting Frequency 6 times a year, each half term (5 times this year) End of year core examinations for all Format Hardcopy – email/text Pupils at the heart School wide review of student progress Student centred subject progress charts Student progress Reporting JSO All Progress Report 1 – October 23rd Progress Report 2 – December 18 th Progress Report 3 – February 12 th Progress Report 4 – Not issued Progress Report 5 – May 27 th Progress Report 6 – July 22 nd

9 Student Subject Charts KS3 Harry GreenGeography 4b 5a JSO KS3

10 On Track JSO All

11 Example Report JSO All

12 GCSE English Changes to the curriculum 2015 Example Report MS

13 No Coursework No Speaking and Listening All exams at the end of Year 11 No foundation and higher tier No set texts allowed into the exams (Literature) *Quotations have to be memorised Grading changed from A-E to 1-9 We have allocated extra curriculum time for Year 10 students. (9 lessons per fortnight) Changes From Last Year MS

14 Purchase copies of the required texts so that they may be annotated. Letters have been distributed to students. Support students to keep their books and notes neat and organised as they will be needed for revision at the end of Year 11. Encourage students to read as widely as possible to improve their vocabularies and be exposed to different types of written text. How to Help and Support MS

15 Intervention & Support BL KS4 How are we going to prepare your children for the Summer of 2017?

16 The Four R’s BL KS4

17 Attending Lessons If in Year 10 and 11 a student has an attendance of 90% this will mean that they will have missed the equivalent of a half term of lessons during their GCSE’s! BL KS4

18 Holidays Please try and avoid the following times for family holidays: Easter Holidays: Monday 3 April 2017 to Monday 17 April 2017 Summer term 2017 Tuesday 18 April 2017 – End of June May half term - Monday 29 May 2017 - Friday 2 June 2017 Please check the website for our school calendar before booking anything!! BL KS4

19 Intervention & Support Post report tracking. Fortnightly meetings to keep students on track. BL KS4 Extra work Mock exams Breakfast clubs Controlled assessment catch up sessions Revision sessions Micro Revision Tutor time withdrawal

20 Intervention & Support BL KS4

21 Key Dates for Year 10 Citizenship 2 dates for their coursework. Unit 2 deadline Friday 23rd October and Unit 4 14th December. All done by the end of this term (60% of GCSE). Science Will be doing Controlled Assessments in science lessons for the first 3 weeks of the summer term. Catering Practical One exams w/e 29th Feb 2015 BL KS4

22 Key Dates for Year 10 Geography Wednesday 14th October – deadline for payment of field visit, magazine subscription and revision guide 6th, 7th and 8th July – field visit to Windsor to collect data for controlled assessment investigation (students attend one day out of the three) Controlled assessment deadline – October half-term 2016 Statistics Controlled Assessment Deadline - 18th March 2016 BL KS4

23 Key Dates for Year 10 Subject Evening Thursday 12th March, 2015 Pre Public Exam Begin Monday 27 th June, 2016 (two/three weeks) BL KS4

24 Student School Home Intervention & Support BL Contacts Tutor / Subject teacher Subject Leader Head of House

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