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Italian electronic services for Labor Market: a practical example for implementing Cross-border eService (SE.RE.NA. project)

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1 Italian electronic services for Labor Market: a practical example for implementing Cross-border eService (SE.RE.NA. project)

2 Outline

3 The SE.RE.NA. Project Under the Italian - French Maritime Cooperative initiative, the SERENA project aims at creating synergies between: Maritime sector Public services for the job market Continuous professional education And improve Cross-border collaboration and actions to power the Marittime job market by the definition of standards and common professional descriptions

4 The SE.RE.NA. Project Public Actors Liguria, Tuscany, Sardinia and Corsica Regions Project phases market analysis (what do companies needs?) eService tools (specialized supply and demand matching tools) Definition of specific education/training courses Dissemination and advertising (of Maritime sector)

5 SE.RE.NA SE.RE.NA is a virtual meeting place for Citizens, employers, Job Centres and all operators who deal with the MARITIME labour system and need to easily find information, advice and electronic services related to the Cross-border Maritime job market. SE.RE.NA SE.RE.NA is a working example of how a Cross Border public services can be managed by a definition of common standards both vertically (with the Italian and French Ministry of Labour) and horizontally (with other public departments dealing with Maritime job market information, e.g. the National Health Service, Pension Office etc.). The SE.RE.NA. Project

6 Development of a supply and demand matching engine - Specialized DB to best manage matching services - WEB Portal to access data easily - HW and Infrastructure design support - Training of the operators - Technical assistance The SE.RE.NA. Project

7 Single Access Point to the Maritime Job Market e-Service: Interoperability with Job Centre Network Cooperation with the National Labour Info Notifications eService (Comunicazioni Obbligatorie) Interoperability with the UNIMARE eService (modular) Multi language interface Communications Newsletter, e-Press, Social Networks, Blogs, etc.

8 The SE.RE.NA. Project Front Office Job demand Professional Form - enriched with specific info for the Maritime sector (Orientamento) Advising/Welcome - identification of the professional expertise that best describe applicant skills Professional gap identification and training offers Job offer Job offers DB management Professional gap identification and training offers Back Office Specific services for applicants Public administration (Job Centres) Companies Administrators Automatic matching engine

9 The SE.RE.NA. Project LINK – the SE.RE.NA. Project Engine

10 The SE.RE.NA. Project Working flow

11 The SE.RE.NA. Project Browsing tools and Matching Engine Applicant Job offer Key words Place (of the job) Company Professional expertise education Company Registration and restricted area access Job offer publication tool Administrative tools

12 The SE.RE.NA. Project Citizen – application form

13 The SE.RE.NA. Project Education and Training

14 The SE.RE.NA. Project Company – Job Offer

15 The SE.RE.NA. Project Public Operators - Professional Expertise Evaluation

16 The SE.RE.NA. Project example of access to job offers

17 The SE.RE.NA. Project a matching example

18 The SE.RE.NA. Project Architecture of the SE.RE.NA. eService

19 The SE.RE.NA. Project Results A complete range of employment e-Services for cross-border needs with a well-defined technological approach. Consistent and coherent graphical settings with a simple and intuitive user interface. New tools and accurate data to predict job market fluctuations, enabling rapid implementation of active policies. Supporting economic and social growth, in a modern, effective and efficient way. Bottom-up cost-efficient solutions with no new systems. The definition of common standards and a basic package of information makes for effective and efficient sharing. Independent modules for easy improvement and addition of new languages and functions.

20 Pan European Network of Integrated e-Gov Services Working towards this goal, the SE.RE.NA. Project respects European Union requirements for: New Skills For New Jobs initiative, for the modernization of the European employment market; Early Warning System, the analysis of labour market needs based on actual data (business Intelligence to the job market); Labour Market Intelligence Cell, the management of information through the interoperability of any regional and provincial systems already in use. The SE.RE.NA. Project

21 Pan European Network of Integrated e-Gov Services Existing e-Services tools in some European countries are very fragmented and Europe is now facing the same problem SE.RE.NA project tackled when it began integrating different pre-existing Regional e-Service systems. On-demand broadband cloud computing resources now open up new pan-European horizons for sharing linked and formatted information. SE.RE.NA works in Italy and France and is a model that could be developed into a continental level integrated multi- lingual job market e-Service network. The SE.RE.NA. Project

22 Thank you for your courtesy and attention

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