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Ten steps to speech preparation

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1 Ten steps to speech preparation

2 Select a topic Broad categories of potential topics:
--Subjects you know a lot about --Subjects you are interested in Begin to think about topic as soon as the assignment is announced. --radio and TV --newspapers and magazines --class discussions and key concepts

3 Determine General Purpose
To inform—convey information in a clear, interesting way. Act as a teacher Desire audience to understand and know more To persuade—to change the attitudes or actions of the audience. Act as an advocate of a cause Want audience to AGREE with your point of view—and either believe or do something as a result

4 Determine Specific Purpose
One aspect of the topic Compose the “purpose statement” Topic Audience Primary purpose “The purpose of my speech is to inform my class how Penn State Football Team’s offence prepares each week for its next game.”

5 Analyze the audience Situational Audience Analysis
Knowledge Attitudes Background Interests Demographic Audience Analysis Age Group memberships Sex

6 Research topic

7 Compose central idea or Thesis
Rewords purpose statement into exactly what you want to say to your audience. Must be unified. Must have precise wording. Must target the audience’s needs and interests. Must fit the occasion. Must be specific and precise, not over generalized.

8 organizational pattern
Compose Speech Select an organizational pattern Follow principles of informing Time order—chronological Spatial order Compare/contrast Classification Cause/effect Monroe’s motivational sequence Problem Solution Fulfill need to know Connect information to feelings Select supporting material Limit main points—2-4 Use connectives Avoid being too technical Personalize the information

9 Develop intro & conclusion
The Introduction The Conclusion Get attention Stimulate interest Reveal the topic Establish the credibility Present thesis/central idea Preview (forecast) body of the speech Signal the end Reinforce the thesis/central idea Review main points Make a final statement

10 Prepare outline/Notes/visual aids
Outlines/Note cards Visual Aids

11 Rehearse the speech Up and on your feet with visual aids Time yourself
Make necessary changes Solicit feedback on content and delivery One hour for every minute speaking

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