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9 Terrorism as Organized Crime.

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1 9 Terrorism as Organized Crime

2 Overview Participants of Terrorism Perpetrator Victim
Audience (Real Target: Kill 1 Scare 100)

3 Terrorism Terrorism Defined: Domestic Terrorism
Unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population… Domestic Terrorism Unlawful use, or threatened use of force by a group or individual, based in US without foreign direction.

4 Terrorism International Terrorism
Violent act or acts that are a danger to human life that are a violation of the criminal law of the US or any state or that would be a criminal violation if committed within the jurisdiction of the US or any state. With an influence from outside the United States.

5 Who are the Terrorists? Vary widely around the world
Have a deep seated belief in their cause Some terrorists acts are committed by loners (“Lone Wolf”). Unabomber Domestic terrorism

6 Forms of Terrorism Criminal Ideological
Use of terror for profit or psychological gain. Ideological Normally an effort to change the current political powers. (Typically, it is hate.)

7 Forms of Terrorism Nationalistic
Characterized by activity that support the interest of an ethnic or nationalistic group.

8 Forms of Terrorism State Sponsored Revolutionary Terrorism
Occurs when government regimes use or threaten to use violence in international relations outside established diplomatic protocol. Revolutionary Terrorism Involves people whose “guerrilla” like tactics involve fear in those holding political power and their supporters.

9 Changes in Terrorism Use of Chemical and Biological Weapons
Nuclear weapons Nerve gas Nuclear devices Infoterrorism Transmission of information Analysis of information Cyberwarfare

10 International Terrorism
Responding to September 11, 2001 Many states passed antiterrorist laws Security in US Airports has become federalized Establishment of TSA Creation of Department of Homeland Security

11 Middle Eastern Terrorists
Al Qaeda International Expansive resources Targeted the US Al Qaeda's Expansion 2002 Shoe Bomber 2007 Fort Dix Six case Terrorist Sleeper Cells

12 State Organized Crime Acts committed by state or government officials in the pursuit of their job as representatives of the government. Any US government operation shielded from the public and hidden from congressional oversight will inevitably rely on criminal activity for support and funding.

13 State Organized Crime Intelligence agencies in the US have received and sought assistance from drug traffickers. (They are the “local” people.)

14 Domestic Terrorism The Bombing in Oklahoma City
April 19, 1995 Death of 168 people Timothy McVeigh Other Incidents in the Late 20th Century February 26, 1993 Bombing of the World Trade Center with a car bomb.

15 Single Issue Terrorist Activity
Form of terrorism committed by small groups or individuals who attempt to exert pressure on authorities in an effort to grant privilege to a larger group with whom the terrorists identify. Cannot achieve (their) change in a political process.

16 Media's Role in Terrorism
Terrorism requires some form of publicity to be effective = “audience”. Terrorists use the media to achieve their goals. Acts of terrorism are usually newsworthy. (“If it bleeds, it leads!”)

17 Controlling Terrorism
Military Delta, SEALS Civilian Intelligence CIA, NSA Civilian Law Enforcement FBI

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