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InGenius HyperCare Progress to Goal Alberto Zanchetti Coordinator.

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1 InGenius HyperCare Progress to Goal Alberto Zanchetti Coordinator

2 Integrating Genomics, Clinical Research and
InGenious HyperCare Network of Excellence Integrating Genomics, Clinical Research and Care in Hypertension InGenious HyperCare

3 InGenious HyperCare : Partners
Italy 1. Ist. Auxologico It., Milan (A. Zanchetti) 2. Un. Milano Bicocca (G. Mancia) 3. Un. Milano (D. Cusi, F. Magrini) 4. Un. Brescia (E. Agabiti-Rosei) 5. Un. Roma-Sapienza (M. Volpe) 6. Un. Padova (E. Casiglia) 7. Un. Vita Salute, Milano (G. Bianchi) France 8. INSERM Paris (S. Laurent) 9. CHU Nancy (F. Zannad) United Kingdom 10. Un. Glasgow (A. Dominiczak) 11. Un. Manchester (A. Heagerty) 12. Un. Leicester (B. Williams) Belgium 13. KU Leuven (J. Staessen) Netherlands 14. Un. Maastricht (H. Struijker-Boudier) Germany 15. Charité, Berlin (T. Unger, F. Luft) 16. MH Hannover (H. Haller) 17. WWU Münster (E. Brand) Spain 18. HCU Valencia (J. Redón) 19. FIMA Navarra (J. Diez) 20. Hosp. 12 Octubre, Madrid (L. Ruilope) 21. HCP Barcelona (A. Coca) Sweden 22. Un. Lund (O. Melander) Finland 23. Un. Helsinki (S. Tuomilehto) Poland 24. Med. Un. Gdansk (K. Narkiewicz) 25. Jagellonian Med. Un. Cracow (K. Kawecka) Czech Rep. 26. IKEM, Prague (R. Cifkova) 27. Charles Un. Pilsen (J. Filipovsky) Switzerland 28. Un. Lausanne (M. Burnier) Russia 29. RAMS, Novosibirsk (Y. Nikitin) China 30. IH Shanghai (J. Wang) SME 31. Mosaiques (H. Mischak) 32. CF Consulting (C. Finocchiaro) 1473 Z

4 Steering Committee Alberto Zanchetti (Network Coordinator)
InGenious HyperCare Steering Committee Alberto Zanchetti (Network Coordinator) Javier Diez, Anna Dominiczak, Hermann Haller, Kalina Kawecka-Jaszcz, Giuseppe Mancia, Josep Redón, Jan Staessen, Faiez Zannad

5 Hypertension and, more broadly, common cardiovascular diseases are due to complex interactions between environment and genetic background. This genetic background is also very complex, does not depend on alterations in single genes (except in rare cases), but on interactions between polymorphisms in a large number of genes, most of which are still unknown.

6 Progress depends on concentrated efforts in order To study large numbers of subjects with different cv characteristics. To characterize subjects (phenotyping) in the most detailed and uniform way To approach the genetic background by exploring polymorphisms in multiple genes belonging to coherent pathophysiological pathways or families (mechanomics)

7 InGenious HyperCare General Goals Integrating complementary but still fragmented experiences in Studying the physiological mechanisms of blood pressure control and hypertension development Phenotyping initiation and progression of organ damage Exploring genetics, genomics and proteomics of proneness to hypertension and hypertension-related cardiovascular disease

8 InGenious HyperCare Specific Goals To create large common databases of subjects with and without hypertension, with and without hypertension-related cardiovascular and renal disease To establish joint platforms for phenotyping, genotyping, proteomic studies and statistical analyses To initiate coordinated programmes of research activities

9 Integrating Genomics, Clinical Research and Care in Hypertension The InGenious HyperCare European Network Milan, June 2007 Programme Zanchetti (Milan): InGenious HyperCare - Plans and progresses T. Kuznetsova (Leuven): Excellence in phenotyping - Assessment of left ventricular function J. Diez (Pamplona): Excellence in phenotyping - Circulating markers of left ventricular dysfunction J. Redon (Valencia): Excellence in phenotyping - Renal function and microalbuminuria A. Dominiczak (Glagow): Genome scans in complex traits: is hypertension a special case?

10 Integrating Genomics, Clinical Research and Care in Hypertension A European Network Berlin, June 16, – Hall 6 1.Alberto Zanchetti (Milan, Italy) – InGenious HyperCare: Progress to goal 2.Anna Dominiczak (Glasgow, UK) – Genome-wide association studies in hypertension 3.Gianfranco Parati Milan, Italy) – Excellence in phenotyping: assessment of autonomic nervous system activity 4.Hermann Haller (Hannover, Germany) – Excellence in phenotyping: assessment of oxidative stress and microinflammation 5.Tatiana Kuznetsova (Leuven, Belgium) - Endogenous oubain: from genotypes to cardiovascular structure and function

REPORT FROM A EUROPEAN NETWORK Sunday June 14, 2009 – Hall: Brown Zanchetti A (Milan, Italy): Two-year progress toward integration Delles C (Glasgow, UK): Recruiting and phenotyping in family studies Kuznetsova T (Leuven, Belgium): Diagnostic criteria for subclinical systolic and diastolic left ventricular dysfunction Haller H (Hannover, Germany): Old and new markers for microinflammation: which are relevant? Lopez N (Pamplona, Spain; Nancy, France): New insight into biomarkers of hypertensive cardiac and vascular fibrosis Mischak H (Hannover, Germany): Proteome analysis as a powerful tool for prediction and assessment of cardiovascular disease General discussion

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