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Chapter 31 Arthropods.

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1 Chapter 31 Arthropods

2 31-1 Features Phylum Arthropoda

3 Includes insects, spiders, crayfish,…
Most successful animal group



6 Arthropods are the most diverse Group of animals.
They live in the land, sea, and air! There are approximately 900,000 species of arthropods!

7 They vary in size from about
8 micrometers to about 12 feet across!

8 Arthropods have 8 similar Characteristics…
Jointed Appendages Segmentation Distinct Head with Compound Eyes Exoskeleton Tracheae Open Circulatory System Malpighian Tubes Wings

9 Appendages are structures that Extend from the arthropod’s Body wall.
They are basically jointed foot.



12 Antennae-

13 Segmentation


15 Two sets of eyes: Ocelli Compound


17 Skeletal Exoskeleton Made of Chitin


19 Growth and Development

20 As arthropods grow they have to Create a new exoskeleton,
This is molting.


22 Cicada Molting Adult breaks through ecdysial [ek-diz-ee-al] suture in the insect exoskeleton

23 Respiratory System Varies: Crabs and shrimp = gills
Horseshoe crab = book gills

24 Insects use trachea - a network of fine tubes
Spiracles - tiny holes where air enters Pg 686

25 Digestive System Tube-in-a-tube Malpighian Tubules All eating habits
Absorb nutrients and pass Them through anus All eating habits Locust = herbivores Scorpion = carnivore Ticks and fleas = parasites

26 Mouth adapted to food source

27 31-2 Spiders & Arachnids

28 Spiders have mouthparts called Chelicerae, or fangs.
The second set of appendages are Pedipalps which are used to Catch and handle prey.

29 Only 2 species of spiders in the US Are poisonous to humans,
The Black Widow And The Brown Recluse Both are here in Ohio.

30 They build webs from spinnerets Located at the end of the Abdomen.
Spiders wrap prey in their silk And suck out their insides.

31 Scorpions and mites are arachnids.
Fleas and ticks are mites. Mites are the major cause of Indoor allergies in humans.

32 Subphylum Uniramia 31-3 Insects
Centipedes, millipedes, and all insects One pair antennae; two pair wings Appendages do not branch

33 Most insects have chewing Mouthparts called mandibles.
Most scientists agree that there Are more than 700,000 species.

34 The insect life cycle is complex.
There are several molts and in the End there is a dramatic Metamorphosis. There are 2 kinds of metamorphosis, Complete and incomplete.

35 Complete (egg— larvae— pupa—adult)

36 Incomplete

37 Tympanum (eardrum)


39 Subphylum Crustacea 31-4 Crustaceans Crayfish & lobster
Two pair antennae 10 footed Pinchers used to obtain food Two body sections (head & thorax are fused= cephalothorax)


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