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Fostering Regional Innovation A perspective from the North West of England.

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1 Fostering Regional Innovation A perspective from the North West of England

2 Introduction David Sanderson, Science Policy Manager North West Development Agency, England Introduction to my region, and its knowledge economy The innovation challenges it faces Some examples of what we are doing, and why

3 Where is the North West of England?

4 Our region E140 Bn GVA economy 7M people Largest regional airport Largest university campus in the UK The most diverse English Region but ….. Low business start-up rates, low innovation

5 Our Knowledge Economy Strengths: Private sector R&D Chemicals, Biohealth, Nuclear, Aerospace High graduate output, good academic links Weaknesses; R&D focused in small number of large businesses Low public sector (non university) research spend Not well known outside UK

6 Our challenges Key sectors are mature industries Outsourcing to Asia Fast changing markets Creating an alternative to London and South East Development of strategic sites / organisations Only invest when market failure

7 The Science and Industry Council Provide strategic guidance to region Create consensus across region Lobbies for investment The first in the UK Members are business R&D leaders, heads of universities etc

8 Projects for innovation Small number of large projects Examples: Supporting merger of Manchester universities Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus National Biomanufacturing Centre, Liverpool Innovation Advisory Service

9 The Northern Way A E40bn wealth gap with the English average A 20 year initiative to close the gap And to increase total UK capacity The three Northern regions working together, with national Government too Innovation is central

10 N8 A pan-Northern science & innovation initiative A group of research intensive universities A second golden triangle To put the North of England on the knowledge- economy map Research Centres to help business innovate

11 Conclusions Involve stakeholders, take guidance and support from senior figures Do a small number of things properly Stimulate the private sector Invest at the most appropriate spatial level Fast growing knowledge economy locations

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