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Why do you think it is important to have good manners?

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2 Why do you think it is important to have good manners?

3 Table etiquette is the courtesy shown by using good manners at meals Good table manners help put you at ease in social situations Many business transactions take place over meals. Often, when companies consider an applicant for a job, the interview may include a meal


5 Before eating… Place the napkin on your lap before your start eating If there are six or fewer people at the table, wait until everyone is served before you begin to eat You may reach for serving dishes as long as you don’t have to lean across your neighbor What is the best way to get something you cannot reach?

6 While Eating… Don’t talk with your mouth full!! Break bread into smaller pieces before buttering it or eating it Cut food into small pieces before eating Sit up straight when you eat and don’t lean on your elbows

7 Ever had a hard time getting food on your fork? Put ‘problem foods’ on your fork with a piece of bread. If you don’t have that, use the tip of your knife.

8 After Eating Tips… Never leave a spoon in your cup When you have finished eating, place your fork and knife on your plate, pointing toward the center Don’t pick your teeth at the table Always say ‘excuse me’ whenever you leave the table

9 Restaurant Etiquette Restaurant etiquette involves the same good manners that you use anywhere else Still, there are a few basic guidelines that deal with situations found only in restaurants. What kinds of situations do you think these include?

10 When You Arrive A reservation is an arrangement made ahead of time for a table at a restaurant When calling to make your reservation, you must give: Your name The number of people in your group The time you plan to arrive Unless a sign states otherwise, never seat yourself

11 The Meal Have you ever been confused or did not know something on the menu? When dining out, don’t be afraid to ask a few questions Knowing restaurant policy can help you avoid an embarrassing and uncomfortable situation What kinds of questions can you ask regarding the check?

12 Communicating With Servers It is important to be polite to servers!!! How should you try and get your server’s attention? The proper way to catch your server’s attention is by calmly raising your hand

13 Paying the Check How do you handle paying the check when you go out to eat with your friends? Gratuity is extra money given to the server in appreciation for good service Sometimes the tip has already been added in on the check A standard amount to tip is 15- 20 percent

14 Complaints and Compliments If you have any complaints about the food, you should tell the server If nothing is done, complain to the manager Compliments are just as important to the manager as complaints!


16 Family Meals Eating together is important to a family’s social health How many of you eat meals together as a family? To help make the most of family meals, it is important to keep a positive mealtime atmosphere and pay attention to the table’s appearance.

17 Mealtime Atmosphere

18 Sierra’s family keeps the TV on during dinner. Dinner at Mark’s house often erupts into complaints and accusations involving Mark, his sister, and their parents. What is wrong with these scenarios? How can they be improved?

19 An upbeat atmosphere can be as essential to your family’s health as nutritious food What are some interesting topics that you have or can discuss with your family? People who read or watch television as they eat pay little attention to what and how much they eat

20 Setting the Table

21 How the table looks at mealtime can be as significant as how the people around it behave Table settings include the following: Tableware - includes any items used for serving and eating food Place setting- the pieces of tableware used by one person to eat a meal Serving pieces - platters, large bowls, and other tableware used for serving food Cover - the arrangement of a place setting for one person

22 Table-Setting Basics The cover is usually on the table before people sit down to eat. The plate goes in the center of the cover, about 1 inch from the edge of the table Arrange flatware in the order in which it is used, starting at the outside and working in toward the center Forks go on the left of the plate, knives to the right Place spoons to the right of the knives

23 If you have a soup spoon and a teaspoon, you would use the soup spoon first so place the soup spoon to the right of the teaspoon Place a beverage glass just above the tip of the dinner knife The cup and saucer or mug go to the right of the spoon The napkin is usually placed to the left of the fork


25 Settings for Family Meals Most families choose simple table settings for everyday meals For most meals, you need at least a dinner plate, fork, knife, teaspoon, and beverage glass Serving Family Meals There are two common styles of serving food, they are family service and plate service

26 Family Service The cover is set with the necessary tableware The food is placed in serving dishes and passed around the table with people helping themselves The main advantage of family service is that people can serve themselves the amount they want

27 Disadvantages include Hot dishes left on the table may cool to room temperature allowing bacteria to form Difficult to practice portion control which leads to overeating Excess food left on a plate must be thrown away which wastes both food and money

28 Plate Service Plate service is generally used for family meals and in restaurants Food is placed on the plates directly from the containers in which it was cooked and the plates are then brought to the table The only exception is salad Plate service saves cleanup time more than family service does

29 General Guidelines Place breads and rolls on a plate or in a basket and pass it around the table If a basket it used, line it with a napkin Serve salads either in individual bowls at each place setting or in a serving bowl that is to be passed around the table

30 Salad dressing should be served separately so that people can use the amount that they want Serve dessert after the dinner plates, salad bowls, and serving dishes have been cleared from the table

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