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1 Workshop: Injury Prevention Management Toolkit.

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1 1 Workshop: Injury Prevention Management Toolkit

2 2 WOS 2006 Wednesday, 13 September, 2006 Chair: David Zalk (IOHA Past President) Ton Spee (IOHA Past President) Organisation:International Occupational Hygiene Association (IOHA) Sponsors:ILO WHO

3 3 Introduction to the workshop IOHA Concept of Control Banding Perspective and goal of the workshop Workshop programme

4 4 International Occupational Hygiene Association Southern Africa Canada USA Mexico Brazil UK Netherlands Ireland Belgium France Norway Sweden Finland Poland Germany Switzerland Italy Japan Taiwan Hong Kong Australia New Zealand Malaysia

5 5 Definition of occupational hygiene Anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control of chemical, physical and biological agents at the workplace

6 6 Objectives of IOHA Promote and develop occupational hygiene Promote exchange of information Encourage development of occupational hygiene Maintain and promote ethical standard

7 7 I O H A Organisation of organisations 25 member organisations Over 20 000 occupational hygienists

8 8 International Occupational Hygiene Association 1 board representative per member organisation 1 vote per member organisation Capitation fee - affordable for smaller organisations Low fee base = minimal operating surplus Rely heavily on volunteers – individual and organisational

9 9 Control Banding

10 10 Control Banding is a confusing name! Control Banding International Chemical Control Toolkit: ICCT

11 11 The ICCT Hazard ranking Risk assessment Risk control

12 12 Concept of the ICCT Five hazard classes: based on 67/548/EEG and 1999/45/EG (future: based on GHS from the United Nations) Five emission classes: liquids: based on vapour pressure solids: estimate dustiness on five point scale Hazard + emission risk Additional information: amount, time, conditions Risk assessment and ranking Control sheets or specialist advice

13 13 Organisation of the ICCT project Co-operation project between WHO, ILO, IOHA and many others Co-ordination: International Technical Group (ITG), supported by (IPCS) Tasks assigned to ICT members Most contact by teleconference (every 6 weeks) In WHO 2001 – 2005 and 2006 – 2010 Collaborative Program

14 14 Dissemination of the ICCT Originally: from HSE (GB), for SMEs (COSHH Essentials) IOHA adapted to medium-sized enterprises in developing countries Available on CD ROM Languages: (e.g.) English, Portuguese, Indonesian, Chinese Pilot projects: (e.g.) Indonesia, India, Thailand, South- Africa

15 15 Perspectives and goal of the workshop Toolkit concept is applicable to other occupational hazards Example: Ergonomics Toolkit Goal of the workshop To find out if developing an injury prevention management toolkit is possible and desirable If yes: who could initiate this

16 16 Workshop programme: part one 16:00 – 16.15: Welcome to the workshop and introduction to the principle of risk grouping: Control Banding. Ton Spee, Co-chair 16.15 – 16.30ILOs view on Control Banding, data sheets/labels related to other occupational hazards (than chemicals) Gerd Albracht, ILO 16.30 – 16.45Injury prevention and the 2006 – 2010 WHO Collaborative Centres Work Plan Gerry Eijkemans, WHO Withdrawn 16.45 – 17.00Practical Prevention in Safety: Barrier Banding Dave Zalk, IOHA 17.00 – 17.25Roundtable discussion Moderator: Ton Spee

17 17 Workshop programme: part two 17.35 – 17.50Hazard Classification of Concrete Release agents: successful application of the Control Banding concept Ton Spee, Arbouw 17.50 – 18.05ATEX and Control banding Henri Heussen, Arbo Unie 18.05 – 18.20The VASt Programme: reinforcing the working conditions policy on hazardous substances in The Netherlands Albert Hollander, Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment 18.20 – 18.35:Qualitative methods for occupational risk prevention strategies in safety, or control banding – safety Paul Swuste, Delft University of Technology 18.35 – 19.00Roundtable discussion Moderator: David Zalk

18 18 I wish you a pleasant, informative and (inter)active workshop

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