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What’s important? We finally figured out that the Articles of Confederation didn’t work. DUH So what do we do next? How do we fix this mess we’ve gotten.

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2 What’s important? We finally figured out that the Articles of Confederation didn’t work. DUH So what do we do next? How do we fix this mess we’ve gotten ourselves into? Help us Obi Wan! You’re our only hope!

3 Warm up on a blank sheet of notebook paper… Imagine you and some of your friends want to go to the movies. How will your group decide what movie to see? We call the process ___________. A compromise is when you give up a little of what you want to get something good in return. As a delegate you might have to compromise to come up with the solution to the representation problem. compromise

4 1.We Need a Better Government 2.Slavery During the Articles 3.Welcome to the Constitutional Convention… 4.“___ is often called…” 5.The Great Compromise 6.What about the slaves?

5 After the Revolutionary War ended, the United States went through a ___________, a period when economic activity slowed and unemployment increased. What little money there was went to pay _____________, and a serious ________________ resulted. depression foreign debts currency shortage

6 American farmers suffered because they could not _____________. They had trouble _____________ levied by the state to meet war debts. State officials ___________________ to pay their debts and threw many farmers into jail. sell their goods paying taxes seized farmers’ lands

7 Farmers in Massachusetts viewed the new government as another form of tyranny. They wanted government to make new policies to ________________. _______________ led a group that forced courts in western Massachusetts to close so that judges could not ________________. relieve debtors Daniel Shays take farmers’ lands Many Americans worried that the government could not ________________ ____________ Control unrest and prevent violence

8 _________ existed and was legal in most states, including Northern states. Slavery

9 _____________________ faced discrimination. Few states gave free African Americans the right to ________. Virginia passed a law that encouraged _____________, the freeing of individual enslaved persons. States south of Pennsylvania still clung to the institution of slavery The ________________ of the South had been built on slavery, and many southerners feared that their economy could not survive without it. The __________________ in the North divided the new country on the slavery issue. Free African Americans vote manumission plantation system abolition of slavery

10 A Call for Change

11 The American Revolution had led to a union of 13 states, but it had not yet created a _________. Some leaders demanded a reform to the Articles of Confederation in order to ________________________________ nation create a stronger national government

12 Two Americans led the movement for change - ____________________________ James Madison and Alexander Hamilton

13 At first, _____________________ was not enthusiastic about the movement to revise the Articles of Confederation. After ________________, Washington changed his mind. His agreement to attend the convention gave the meeting greater _____________. George Washington Shays’ Rebellion significance

14 Welcome to the Constitutional Convention

15 Why are we here? The purpose of this convention is to ________________ to the Articles of Confederation. (Hopefully before our country completely falls apart!) make repairs

16 Where are we? We are at ____________ __________ in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Independence Hall

17 When is this taking place? It is the summer of ______. The temperature is a warm 98 degrees with a relative humidity of 87%. (that means it’s HOT and STICKY!) 1787

18 Who is here? _________________ will be the convention’s leader. ________________ will take notes for us (called the Father of the Constitution) George Washington James Madison The 55 delegates (really important rich, white guys) included several state leaders:

19 Having ____________________ _______________ there ensured that many people would trust the Convention’s work. George Washington and Benjamin Franklin

20 ______________ careful notes are the major source of information about the Convention’s work. _________ is often called the ________ ___________ because he was the author of the basic plan of government that the Constitution adopted James Madison’s Madison the Constitution” Who’s Your Daddy? “Father of

21 How are we going to fix the Articles? All 13 states could agree to changes. But, only 12 states are here. We could make new laws- that only requires 9 states to agree. But, we have tried that for the past 11 years and it hasn’t worked yet. Or, we could start all over from the beginning. We had NO OTHER CHOICE, but to trash it and start all over again.

22 Edmund Randolph of Virginia proposed that delegates create a ___________________ instead of revising the Articles of Confederation. strong national government

23 Warm up p 138 WRITE the QUESTIONS and your answers! Title p 138 “James Madison” (JMad) 1. Who is JMad’s BFF? 2. Where was JMad’s BFF? 3. Why was he there? 4. What did he do for JMad? 5. How did JMad use this information? 6. Why is JMad called the “Father of our Constitution?” (Who’s your daddy?)

24 Now What? What’s in this new government for me and my state? The first problem we need to solve is… ______________________________ ____________________________? how much power will each state get in the new government

25 Representatives = Votes = POWER in government

26 How should the states be represented in congress?

27 Virginia Plan Representation should be based on the states population! New Jersey Plan Representation should be based on equality!

28 The Great Compromise ______________of Connecticut suggested what came to be known as the Great Compromise. Roger Sherman A _____________ is an agreement between two or more sides in which each side gives up some of what it wants. compromise Why can’t we do both?

29 The Great Compromise have a two part congress (two houses = __________) and use _____ the ___________ and the _________________ to settle how states get power. Bicameral bothVirginia plan New Jersey Plan

30 Part 1 will be based on ____________ and will be called the House of Representatives. Part2 will be based on _______ and will be called the Senate. equality The Great Compromise population

31 Part 1 Part 2

32 What about the slaves? Are slaves ________ or are they __________? If slaves are people then they can’t be slaves and __________________. If they are property then they cannot be counted as population and __________________! people property should be set free must be taxed

33 How should Slaves be counted?

34 How should slaves be counted? South Slaves should be counted as population for more representatives North Slaves should be counted as property and be taxed

35 Now what? DO BOTH!!! Count slaves as ____________ for representatives AND as property for _________. population taxes

36 ALL of them? The _______ refuses to pay that much money in taxes! The _______ refuses to accept that many for population. What can you do now? south north

37 3/5ths Compromise Count _____________ slaves for both population and property 3 of every 5 1 2 345

38 For the next slide of notes Turn to page 147 of your spiral and write in the information on the next slide directly into your spiral…

39 Commerce Compromise 1.The federal government does NOT have the right to regulate the slave trade for 20 years. So no slave trade laws until 1807 2.Runaway slaves MUST be returned to the south since they are property. 3.The federal government can tax imports but NOT exports.

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