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1 Presentation of the Local Economic Development Network of Africa, LEDNA Dr François Yatta Coordinator.

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1 1 Presentation of the Local Economic Development Network of Africa, LEDNA Dr François Yatta Coordinator

2 A PAN AFRICAN PROGRAM WITH THREE DIMENSIONS A One-Stop-Shop for LED Knowledge A Social Networking Platform A support facility for mainstreaming economic development into the decentralization processes : National LED strategy, Capacity Building, LED programs and projects, sharing experiences 2

3 A one-stop-shop for LED Knowledge A one-stop-shop for free access to Led knowledge of the highest quality : or A database of around 4 000 peer-checked and contributed LED resources, two-monthly newsletters, blogs, African Mayors questions, African-based LED jobs and events, 3000 visitors per month from 136 countries, 50 African countries. 3

4 Social Networking Platform 800 members, 63 % from Africa, 14 % from South Africa. Nearly 1 300 non-member subscribers to the newsletters. Growing interaction between members online and beyond increasingly allows for: LED Practitioner and decision makers dialogue; Peer learning embedded on local needs and realities; cross-country experience/best practice sharing; Relation-building towards an interconnected African LED community. 4

5 5 A support facility : (1) National Strategy of LED LED National Strategy to institutionalize LED nationally. : An institutional part : To make the overall national framework more conducive to LED by changing some laws and regulations impacting negatively on the elaboration and implementation of LED processes in LG; A territorial part : Programs piloted by the national association of local governments and involving several local governments at a time ; organized by themes (small cities, mining towns, etc.), by regions ( cities in a specific region for example) or cross-border programs.

6 6 A support facility : (2) LED processes and programs Institutionalization of a LED support and counseling unit within national associations of local governments ; Support for planning and managing programs, identifying skills and resources as well as sharing and benefiting from ongoing experiences Support and guide local governments in the elaboration and implementation of local economic development strategies :

7 7 A support facility : (3) Capacity building Capacity buildings of involved actors. seminars for decision makers of LED process (local and national government officials) ; seminars for experts (officials of local and national governments, NGO managers, consultants, teachers and researchers). LEDNA also support trainings organized and offered by other partner institutions. LEDNA will help organize the training, identify teachers and develop the training module.

8 8 A support facility : (4) knowledge sharing between LED practitioners Face to face exchange of knowledge between LED practitioners. Study visits in some countries for ongoing LED programs and projects.

9 9 Financial support. SDC French Development Agency French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. In kind contribution (ponctual) : UNCDF ILO USAID Development Partners supporting LEDNA

10 10 Countries involved in LEDNA activities Programs countries Swaziland Bostwana Zambia Mali Benin Togo Punctual activities in: Morocco Cameroun Senegal

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