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Speaker Name here | Speaker Title here, Employer title here, Country RTD EU activities towards a European Environmental Technology Verification System.

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1 Speaker Name here | Speaker Title here, Employer title here, Country RTD EU activities towards a European Environmental Technology Verification System (EU ETV) Andrea Tilche European Commission - DG Research Directorate Environment Unit I.3 « Environmental Technologies and Pollution Prevention »

2 ETAP: the actions Getting from research to markets Strengthening research on ET*, supporting demonstration & dissemination Establishing a common vision through technology platforms Improving testing, performance verification and standardisation of ET Improving market conditions Actions 6-23 Acting globally Actions 24-25 Moving forward Actions 26-28 *Environmental Technologies

3 Report on ETAP (2005-2006) Key priorities to take ETAP implementation further to increase demand in environmental technologies by focussing on sectors with high environmental gains, e.g. building, food and drink, private transport, and recycling and waste water industries; increase green procurement in particular for eco- innovative technologies, products and services; to facilitate the development and marketing of eco- innovation by mobilising greater financial investments, establishing an EU Technology Verification scheme to provide third-party reliable verification for the environmental performance of new technologies; to build on good practice of Member States through a structured exchange of experience and championing of promising practices in Member States; furthering national ETAP roadmaps will be instrumental in delivering concrete progress on the ground; to ensure a strategic knowledge resource on eco-innovation that would bring together timely and strategic knowledge for European public organisations and financers. COM (2007) 162 final

4 * Source: DEFRA & DTI (2006) Environmental innovation – bridging the gap between environmental neccesity and economic opportunity Over 100 environmental business were asked about their exeperiences in bringing innovaion to the market Barriers for eco-innovation*

5 RTD FP6 PROJECTS EURODEMO, PROMOTE, TESTNET & AIRTV Total EC contribution 5.5 M. Total cost 8.5 M Participation of 47 organisations from 18 EU countries 7 % 5% 10% 2 % 4 % 6% 0.5% 7% 1% 21 % 15% 10% 1% 6% 0.5% 1 % 0.5 %

6 EU ETV Pilot Projects EURODEMO (RTD) January 2005-December 2007 Soil & groundwater remediation technologies PROMOTE (RTD) September 2005-August 2008 On-site & in-situ monitoring and sampling devices for site characterisation Remediation technologies LINKLINK TESTNET (RTD) September 2005-August 2008 Clean products, water, environmental monitoring LINKLINK AIRTV (RTD) November 2006-October 2009 Air emission pollution abatement TRITECH (LIFE) January 2007 – December 2009 10-15 technologies from 3 thematic technology areas: soil remediation, waste water & energy related

7 Some ETV Milestones RTD & LIFE projects 1 st Joint meting, March 2006, Frankfurt, DE 2 nd Joint meeting, 13-15 June 2007, Stuttgart, DE EU Presidency initiative & TESTNET Seminar: Testing and verification of environmental technologies, October 2006, Dipoli, Espoo FI LINKLINK 1 st PROMOTE stakeholder consultation, November 2006, Brussels 1 st AIRTV stakeholder consultation, June 2007, Brussels Seminar Water monitoring technologies - harmonized approaches to performance demonstration, October 2007, Nieuwegein, NL

8 Stakeholders workshops: major topics of discussion Profitability of ETV Market situation of environmental technologies with ETV Regulatory frame Evaluation of ETV procedure

9 Stakeholders workshops: overall picture

10 PROMOTE CEN Workshop Agreement* CEN WORKSHOP 32 - Environmental Technology Verification for Soil/Groundwater Remediation and Monitoring Systems (ETV-SGS) 25-04-2007, Stuttgart, DE Open to all interested parties without geographic restriction Participation may be by physical presence or electronically Further information: hops/workshops/ws32-promote.asp * CEN (European Committee for Standardisation) Workshop Agreements are consensus-based specifications, drawn up in an open Workshop environment

11 ETV in FP7 Area Environmental Technologies Verification and Testing ENV.2008. Harmonised approaches towards the development of international technology verification systems In 2004, the European Commission launched the Environmental Technology Action Plan (ETAP, COM(2004) 38 final). In this context, the establishment of a European Environmental Technologies Verification system is believed to favour and to speed-up the diffusion of innovative technologies into the market through a third-party confirmation of the performance of an environmental technology. Previous RTD efforts have been focussed on establishing European networks of technology performance verification in different sectors. The aim of this coordination action is to support, integrate and coordinate previous and on-going European RTD efforts with existing and fully operating technology verification systems outside the EU (e.g. the US, Canada, Japan, Korea, Singapore, etc.), with the ultimate goal of developing a framework for international cooperation and mutual recognition. The topic is open to all countries outside the EU having an established (or wishing to establish) an Environmental Technology Verification system. (Policy relevant topic) Funding scheme: coordination and support actions (coordinating type) Expected impact: Proposals should demonstrate that the proposed schemes and protocols for Environmental Technologies Verification systems have the potential to be recognised internationally

12 Thanks for your attention!


14 ETV Seminar: Testing and verification of environmental technologies 3 October 2006, Dipoli, Espoo FI Discussion notes on cost, time and acceptance* Cost and time are relevant variables although credibility and acceptance more relevant A European system could save time as compared to actual situation (no need of additional/national testing) Acceptance during the development phase The system has to support market penetration of new technologies (procedures and testing protocols) LINK LINK * As reported by the Finnish Ministry of the Envvironment, Merja Saarnilehto, ETAP HLWG 13 October 2006

15 PROMOTE technologies On-site and in-situ monitoring and sampling devices for site characterisation: A sensor array for volatile organic compounds in the unsaturated zone (in direct push cone) A fibre optic photometer for dissolved PAH & BTEX in groundwater (in direct push cone) A photometer for dissolved phenols, DOC, and Electron acceptors Active and passive multilevel groundwater sampling systems Remediation technologies: Low tech ex situ technology In-situ chemical oxidation Co-solvent and surfactant flushing Permeable reactive barriers LINKLINK

16 TESTNET technologies Monitoring of drinking water / surface water - Bio monitoring [Toxcontrol] Monitoring of waste water - Optical monitoring [S::can spectro::lyser] Water disinfection in food industry - Disinfection by oxidation process Recovery system in biomass and waste power station - Membrane technology for flue gas condensate Treatment process in metal and waste industries - Plasma technology Hydrocarbon recovery in petrochemical industry - Gas separation using membrane permeation process Production line in mining industry - Clean pipe production LINK LINK

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