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EuropeAid 1 Analysing and Addressing Governance at sector level – ongoing work Presentation at food security seminar European Commission, EuropeAid, Unit.

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1 EuropeAid 1 Analysing and Addressing Governance at sector level – ongoing work Presentation at food security seminar European Commission, EuropeAid, Unit E6

2 EuropeAid 2 Summary of presentation Setting the scene - EC definition and approach to governance What has been done in sectors? Why it is important and how to systematically addressed it Whats the methodology Governance in food security

3 EuropeAid 3 What do we mean by Governance? States ability to serve its people Public functions carried out Refers to: rules, processes, behaviour: interests are articulated resources managed power exercised (Communication on Governance and Development 615/2003) (Communication on Governance in the European Consenus on Development 421/2006)

4 EuropeAid 4 Why does the EC work on Democratic Governance? Increased aid demands effective absorption capacity Governance is critical for aid effectiveness Governance is required for better results, achieve MDGs, increased service delivery and sustainable sector development Governance is an end in itself; promoting better governance at sector level over time contributes to consolidate democracy, the rule of law and respect for human rights

5 EuropeAid 5 The challenge of weak governance in sectors: state o Leakage of funds o Sub-optimal spending o Accountability o Lack of demand o Political tool o Power o Institutional capacities citizens

6 EuropeAid 6 Whats being done? The history: Mainstreaming in European Consensus Draft Handbook on Good Governance (AIDCO E4 intranet) pillars too normative and heavy The findings: Evaluation 2006 – much but not systematically Increasingly important with the shift in EC sector policies and practices towards sector approaches The response: Development of tools; reference document on « Analysing and Addressing Governance at Sector level », transport units « Operational Manual » Train and sensitize the operational staff

7 EuropeAid 7 (from the Thematic Evaluation on the EC support to Governance June 2006)

8 EuropeAid 8 The Reference Document The process: -A participatory process with several workshops exploring the needs and learning from existing approaches -supported by ECDPM -Application of the tool in a workshop in June 2008 The content: -Part one: analyses of governance (context; actors; relations) -Part two: methodology on how to address governance Next steps: -Adapting the reference document to sector specificities -Training -Linking up with MS and like-minded donors -Governance indicators at sector level -Management approval October

9 EuropeAid 9 A pragmatic approach to sector governance One basic principle: start from reality if too ambitious weaken the process could start with only dialogue Four fundamentals: o Shift to realistic and incremental approach to improve governance o Governance enhancement is primarily a domestic affair o Donors own governance performance matters o Look beyond aid

10 EuropeAid 10 The governance analysis framework Political system/government Rule making and executive actors at different levels Non-state actors Citizens, voters, consumers, user groups economic agents, elites, media… Checks and balances organisations Supervise sector organisations or handle complaints (auditors, judiciary, ombudsmen,…) Frontline service providers Public and private providers delivering services Core public agencies Sector ministries, agencies with regulatory or supporting roles, … Context Donors, international organisations Influence on sector governance and accountability relations Governance Accountability

11 EuropeAid 11 FROM ANALYSIS TO ACTION THREE OPERATIONAL PRINCIPLES when supporting improved governance in sectors: 1)Act strategically 2) Focus on basics first 3) Promote governance principles in sector operations

12 EuropeAid 12 How can we work with governance? Country ownership is crucial Support both demand and supply side Align and harmonise with reforms outside sector Coordinate with other donors Sector governance Dont get stuck in details Results orientation Dialogue important for understanding and trust The context is a starting point

13 EuropeAid 13 Governance at Food security level 1-Definition of Governance in Food Security about transparent and consultative decision making processes that lead to o definition of adequate policies o Implementation of policies 2-Practical measures to ensure Governance in FS: General support to governance sectors General support and regular monitoring of Public Finance Management (emphasis on public procurement) Specific sector support to Agriculture/Food Security Sector (SWAP) governance systemes Political dialogue (Cotonou Art 8) with partner countries can cover issues of food security

14 EuropeAid 14 Governance at Food security level Promotion of regional dialogue between countries on Food Security: this serve as dissemination of good practices and incentive for more transparency. 3.Challenges: Internal peace Rule of law (loss of property, breach of contracts) Dispassionate assessment of food security conditions Food security is usually a very sensitive public policy issue sometimes misused by Government or opposition for Political objectives (especially during election period). Food and nutrition security objectives (long term) are less government led in comparison to education or health sectors because they are complex, multi-sectorial and therefore inter-ministerial coordination needed.

15 EuropeAid 15 To open the debate democratic system we support are all geared toward short term goals and therefore conflict with FS goals. FS is a objective that requires long term commitment which democratic system in Africa (all less than 50 years old) may not yet be ready for in the soon future…working to establish a true independence between political leaders and public administration may be part of the solution.

16 EuropeAid 16

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