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Twenty Questions Subject: American Literature II - Unit 14 #2.

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2 Twenty Questions Subject: American Literature II - Unit 14 #2

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4 1. What is Katherine Anne Porter’s most famous work? Ship of Fools

5 2. What are two ways Emily is stuck in the past? Won’t give her dad’s body up for 3 days Says to talk to Colonel Satoris even though she should know he is dead Refuses to put mailbox numbers on her doors

6 3. What are two reasons Granny doesn’t like the doctor? He’s too young She was sicker before and no one came - double pneumonia and milk leg She doesn’t think she is dying

7 4. What is the definition of stream of consciousness? A style of writing that conveys the inner and sometimes chaotic workings of a character’s mind

8 5. What did Faulkner say was a microcosm for universal themes of time, passions of the heart, and destruction of wilderness? The South

9 6. Why did the townspeople want Emily to pay her taxes? So she’d be humanized - not be better than anyone else because of money any more

10 7. What were two ways the town tried to help save Emily’s reputation? Didn’t make her pay taxes when they knew she didn’t have the money Didn’t tell her she smelled, just spread lime around to combat the smell

11 8. Explain how the title fits the story “The Jilting of Granny Weatherall” (3 parts). Jilting - left at altar by George and at the end by God Granny - she’s old and is a grandma Weatherall - she’s been through a lot of hard times (working, husband dying young, being left at the altar, etc.)

12 9. Who wrote “A Rose for Emily”? William Faulkner

13 10. What was the marriage between Alicia and Jordan like? Not that good - he never touched her, she thought the house was cold, he didn’t show much emotion or attention

14 11. What does Petit say about his poetry in “Petit the Poet”? It isn’t very good - compares it to mites and seeds He should have gone outside like Homer and Whitman - they wrote about the outdoors and were much more popular than him

15 12. What is the definition of epitaph? Writings to remember a deceased loved on that used to go on tombstones

16 13. What did Emily buy to make the townspeople think she would get married? Toiletries with the initials HB on them

17 14. What were two things found in the “marriage room”? Homer’s tarnished toiletry set Homer’s dead body on the bed A gray hair on the pillow next to Homer The suit, tie, shirt, socks, and shoes laying right next to the bed like they were just taken off - except for the dust Dusty, faded curtains

18 15. How does the name Butch Weldy fit his epitaph? He was a welder

19 16. Who wrote “The Jilting of Granny Weatherall”? Katherine Anne Porter

20 17. What is one thing Granny wanted to do before she died? Hide the letters from George and John Take wine to a friend Pick fruit

21 18. How does Richard Bone feel about his job? He doesn’t like it because people are writing false things on the tombstones - but he needs the money so he has to write what they say

22 19. What are two reasons why the townspeople didn’t think Homer and Emily would date? They were of two different economic classes She was from the South and he was from the North She never dated before - why start now

23 20. What does jilted mean? Rejected

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